TDF Ranks... The Star Trek Films

From Khan to...Khan. Baz Greenland ranks all 13 Star Trek movies

Ask Dr. Ruth: The Sex Education We All Deserve

Emily Maskell discusses sexpert and all round trailblazer Dr. Ruth Westheimer who's the subject of a new documentary Ask Dr. Ruth.

"Audiences view Thunder Road as an indictment of the American spirit right now" – TDF interview with director Jim Cummings

Andrew Winter chats with the Thunder Road director about his heartfelt and hilarious debut feature

TDF Film Podcast 53 – Awful Films from Great Directors

The Digital Fix Film Podcast returns with a look at four Awful Films from Great Directors, where the team will be tackling Terry Gillliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Kathryn Bigelow's The Hurt Locker, David Lynch's Dune, and John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars.

Netflix vs. Cinema: The Inclusive Streaming Revolution

Film is the art, cinema is just one outlet in a world of accessibility through choice.

TDF Film Podcast 52 - Ten Films from 2018

We missed out on recording our usual End of Year Filmcast for 2018, so now five contributors have come together to pick two films each from their personal top ten lists of 2018!

"I could see the opportunity for new stories and dilemmas. There was stuff I wanted to write about" An interview with Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen

"There’s a difference to my parent’s generation. When they reached their fifties, they were “officially old”. They were set in their ways and life didn’t change. In this generation, the world is your oyster again. You can travel, start new careers, find new partners. I could see the opportunity for new stories and dilemmas. There was stuff I wanted to write about. During the period where the show was off air, I suffered a bout of depression. That was a story I wanted to tell in the rebooted series." Mike Bullen Interview