The Short Fix #1 - Foureyes

This is the first review on short films that I will be doing for The Digital Fix so I wanted it to be something special. After going through a lot of material I settled on the coming of age story Foureyes.

This is a very funny exploration of boyhood (and girlhood) to almost adulthood as 10-year-old Bobby Bowersox is thrust into the tumultuous world of puberty when he gets a new pair of eyeglasses. Written and directed by Conor Byrne this is a short film you should most definitely watch when you get a chance.

Bobby, the main character in Foureyes is played by Jake Ryan who you'll recognise from Inside Llewyn Davis. Although he doesn’t have much dialogue his actions and facial expressions effectively convey everything they are meant to in each moment. In fact as you watch you can’t help but mirror them as they’re exactly how you feel in those moments.

Combining Jake Ryan’s talents with those of his co-stars & a solid script and you have gold but then you also have the additions of beautiful POV shots, energetic pace to the editing and music to create scenes which truly capture puberty and how much we want to escape but can’t and shouldn’t or we might miss something wonderful.

To paraphrase the film itself “There’s a lot up there to catch, go ahead take a look”.

There is some partial nudity so may be considered NSFW. Fair warning.

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