The Hangover: Films To Watch The Morning After The Night Before

You know the feeling. You wake up after the night before and decide it’s not that bad, so you sit up a little too fast and then it hits you... you’re not leaving your bed today. Trying to get back to sleep is a waste of time but you need something to distract you from the nausea/migraine that’s getting worse by the minute and so you decide to call a hangover movie day.

Most of us have our own go-to movies for when we’re fighting the post-alcohol blues but if you’re looking for some new material to get you through another debilitating day, or if you just want to check out our favourite hangover cures, then read on...


Night At The Museum

Let’s start out softly; you don’t want anything too stressful for the first film of your hangover. Night At The Museum won’t throw any curve balls your way and Ben Stiller’s easy but predictable humour is just the thing to pique your interest without over-burdening the mush you called a brain yesterday. Its straight-forward fun, doesn’t require mass amounts of concentration and will lift your spirits if you’re experiencing hangover depression.


Batman Begins

Superhero origin movies are great for keeping your mind occupied when you can’t handle anything too heavy. You’ll most likely already know the film’s world and will be revisiting it for some predictable but none the less entertaining action. Batman Begins is probably the best origin movie of the lot (no one wants to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine more times than absolutely necessary), plus it’s guaranteed to entertain you in your weakened state. Just remember to keep the volume at an appropriate level; there’s nothing worse than being jolted out of your post-drink daze by an unexpected explosion.


Back To The Future

We predict this 80s classic will already be on most of your hangover film lists. With an almost perfect mix of sci-fi and teenage angst, this film is finished off with a big dollop of nostalgia. You’ve watched it so many times already you can pretty much quote-along but it doesn’t matter because it still puts a smile on your face, and that’s exactly what you need right now. A bit obvious we know, but it’s not like we could have a hangover movie marathon without it, right?



What better film to watch when you’re feeling like death warmed up than a zombie movie? There are loads to pick from but choose wisely because watching the dead regurgitate blood in 28 Days Later isn’t a great idea when you’re hung over. Zombieland on the other hand is really funny, features a gun-toting Emma Stone and the main character survives by basically being a massive geek. What’s not too love?


The Big Lebowski

You know the best way to adopt a more chilled out attitude to the number of times you embarrassed yourself last night? Hang out with The Dude for a bit. There’s no way you can watch this movie without The Dude’s casual laidback attitude rubbing off on you and making you feel loads better about last night’s antics. Just watch out for all the White Russians; you don’t want to trigger that nausea again.


The Hangover

So, there’s no way we could have a hangover movie countdown without slipping this one in there. Sitting down with ‘The Wolf Pack’ in The Hangover will give you a sense of solidarity during this difficult time and remind you that no matter how bad you feel, it could be worse... you could be locked on top of the roof. However, we would recommend you make sure you feel better before sticking this movie on, otherwise you run the risk of their hangover problems making yours feel much worse.


Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

So, the nausea is definitely gone. Definitely. And there’s no way it’s coming back. You’re still feeling weak so what you really need is a feel good film that will have you in hysterics to get your blood pumping and put a smile of you face. You need Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. It doesn’t get much better than watching Ben Stiller’s White Goodman getting his ass handed to him by the Average Joe’s gang and we’re guessing the scene with Lance Armstrong will be loads funnier now as well.


Shaun Of The Dead

Not much to say about this one other than its awesome. Let’s face it, a meteor could be hurtling towards Earth guaranteed to destroy all life on the planet in a couple of hours and we’d still sit down to watch Shaun Of The Dead one more time. Plus, with The World’s End on its ways this is the perfect time to revisit the Blood & Ice-Cream trilogy. Side note; this is also one of our top films to watch at the end of world.


The Matrix

Here’s one for those of you in need of another sci-fi hit. Whether you were disappointed by the trilogy or not cast your mind back to when The Matrix first came out and admit to yourself that you actually really enjoyed it. Now’s the time to swallow your pride and revisit this Wachowski classic and remember all the reasons you loved it, even if it’s just for the slow-motion fight scenes.


Die Hard

This is one for the end of your hangover day when you’re feeling loads better, can finally stuff yourself with lots of greasy hangover food without throwing up and you want something to really get the blood pumping before you call it a night. Die Hard is a great go-to action movie when you want loads of explosions, brilliant one liners and an uplifting ending. We challenge anyone to not feel better after watching this, not matter how heavy the night before.

WARNING: The Lord Of The Rings might sound like a great idea but be warned, it’s way too long and needs much more concentration than you’ll be willing to give during a terrible hangover. Attempting to watch the trilogy back to back will result in ruining your love of truly epic movie franchise. You have been warned.

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