Secret Cinema Presents BACK TO THE FUTURE

With Secret Cinema’s Back To The Future production in full swing after it’s week-long delay, we went along to check out whether it was worth the wait.

Awesome: Hill Valley

When Secret Cinema announced that they were going to recreate the whole of Hill Valley they weren’t exaggerating. Complete with the McFly’s house, the high school, and even the clock tower, you can’t help but be impressed as soon as you enter the town. Talk about making you part of the movie…

Not Awesome: Health & Safety

Sadly it seems the health and safety police have been on Secret Cinema’s ass because they’ve gone totally overboard on the rules and regulations. It was interesting spending over £50 to constantly be told to stop walking down the (fake) streets and smoking in the non-designated (outside) areas.

Awesome: The Size

Secret Cinema has never done a production this big before and it truly is amazing the scale of things. You can enjoy a fun fair, the Enchantment Under The Sea dance, the town’s own radio show, yummy food and drink (which is only expectantly overpriced) and loads more.

Not Awesome: The Size

Unfortunately the fact that it’s this big means that it’s virtually impossible to do and see everything. You’ll find yourself overhearing about something that happened on the other side of town and being gutted that you missed it.

Awesome: The Dressing Up

It might be pretty geeky but if you’re going to Secret Cinema, chances are you’re into the dressing up aspect. From the people who go all out in vintage clothing to the guy who just wears a cap, checking out all the different 50s (and occasional 80s) outfits is a lot of fun, especially when you’re all on the tube together.

Not Awesome: The Delorean

Or lack thereof… Anyone hoping to get a snap with the famous time travelling car (see: me!) will be very disappointed. It only makes an appearing during the live action sequences and you’ll be lucky to even get a blurred picture on your contraband phone as it whizzes past.

Awesome: Live Action Scenes

As with previous Secret Cinema productions certain scenes from the film are acted out, but for Back To The Future they really went all out. From Marty McFly skating around town hanging onto the back on a car, to Doc climbing the clock town to reattach that all important cable, you’ll be in awe of the effort that’s gone into recreating the most famous moments of the movie.

Not Awesome: Phone Ban

If the film had been a secret you could kind of understand the phone ban but for Back To The Future that wasn’t the case. Anyone who was naive enough to admit they had a phone on them was told they couldn’t go in unless they gave it up, and then realised why when they got inside and saw all the disposable cameras for sale and official pictures priced at £5.

Awesome: The Movie

As if you didn’t already know it, Back To The Future is a great film, and there’s nothing quite like watching it on a massive screen in the middle of Hill Valley with everyone around you chanting: “McFly! McFly! McFly!” Yes, you’ll feel like a bit of loser, but you’ll have an awesome time doing it.

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Lauren O'Callaghan

Updated: Aug 03, 2014

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