London Film and Comic Con 2016 – Preview

Every year for the last seven years me and my wife have travelled to London for a weekend of fun. Here we can relax with like minded fans of shows we only really see in the darkness of our own living rooms, with little to no fan interaction at all. Here in London, we get to rub shoulders with stars of stage and screen, most actors we never in our right minds thought we would meet. Find below a preview of the upcoming show, from 29th July – 31st July 2016. Rather than preview day by day I’m going to preview the whole weekend in one go as most guests and activities are spread over the three days anyway.


Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner will grace us with his presence over the Saturday and Sunday of the convention. Bringing with him some seriously bad ass characters in the form of the aforementioned Hawkeye, Aaron Cross from the Bourne series, Brandt from the Mission: Impossible films and my favourite performance the mad bank robber from The Town‘ James Coughlin. He is expensive, he will be busy but he will be worth every single penny of your hard earned money.


Its good to see such a versatile actor grace the show floor with his presence this summer, its not something you see that often in my experience. Mads Mikkelsen is the type of actor who can play across all genres from independent (therefore little seen) films like Valhalla Rising to the biggest of big blockbusters in the form of Bond villain Le Chiffre from 2006’s Casino Royale and onto the small screen in the gory Hannibal as the titular character.


From two actors who are well known on our TV and cinema screens to one that has fallen by the way side over the last decade but is still well loved and working today, Ivan Drago himself Dolph Lundgren will bring The Expendables grit and glory to the convention floor this summer. With a wide ranging CV from playing Bond villain ‘Venz’ in 1985’s A View To A kill right up to playing Gunner Jansen in The Expendables III Dolph Lundgren has been there, done that, got the t-shirt and survived. If you get to see him this weekend, ask him where the Cosmic Key is from me, yeah?

So those are the three main guests I would look out for this summer, but Comic – Con is nothing if not varied. If you want to meet your favourite comic book artist, they have you covered with Artists Alley. Get your favourite artist to draw you as your favourite character or get them to sign that rare comic book you stored in the loft for all those years the choice is yours. Alongside artist Alley they also have something relatively new this year, a VR gaming experience.

VR is all over the gaming websites and LFCC has its finger directly on the pulse of what’s hot in gaming right. The Oculus Rift will be on hand for right up to date modern gaming sitting alongside retro games machines like the Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64. Ever had that itch to play that game you played sitting on your bedroom carpet in 1995? No doubt it’ll be here at LFCC for your gaming delight.

Amongst the throng of people and movie stars you will find aisle upon aisles of Funko Pops, exclusive t shirts and a cornucopia of other delights from stage and screen. Across the three days of LFCC The Digital Fix Team will have people on site, so look out for reviews early next week from the centre of the action.

Craig Huntley

Updated: Jul 27, 2016

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