It’s OK to like whatever you want!

Is there anything worse than taste snobbery? Self-appointed social media police who tell you what you should be liking and where you’re going wrong?

The latest example has come to the fore thanks to a recent hashtag, on Twitter – that wonderful world of mansplaining, trolling and constant outrage. Check it out here:

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At first look you wouldn’t think there was much to complain about there, but since the tag went live there has been a vocal minority bemoaning the fact that the FAVOURITE seven films of most participants are mainstream. Cries from the fringes that people clearly don’t have enough exposure to less mainstream cinema have popped up and become more frequent over the last couple of days. These people seem to forget the fact that FAVOURITE doesn’t necessarily mean best films the person has seen; it just means they’re the ones that they enjoy the most. There’s a huge difference between appreciating something as being the pinnacle of cinematic ART and something that is just down right fun to watch.

Is it really any surprise that the likes of Star Wars, Aliens, Back to the Future and others appear in so many peoples favourite films? They have memories and bring immense enjoyment and that’s what snap polls like these are always going to filter to the top. There are no right answers and EVERYONE has different taste – there are those who like the Transformers films, there are those who only like things released before 1980 and there are those who haven’t seen or don’t like anything in black and white. Likewise there are justifiable reasons why some people shy away from foreign cinema – that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate it, but they just find it less enthralling than an effects-laden summer blockbuster.

Personally, if I had to list more than seven, there are some TRULY BAD films in amongst my twenty favourites! I say like what you want – and be proud that your taste may be different from someone elses or may match the majority – really, who cares other than the few outlying taste police who just want to look down on what others enjoy.

For the record – here are my favourites, although since posting I’ve thought of more I’d like to include!

Grave of the FirefliesEmpire Strikes BackTerminatorThe Force AwakensEx MachinaAliensTo Kill a Mockingbird #fav7films— Colin P (@ColinTDF) August 15, 2016

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Aug 17, 2016

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