French discount DVDs shipping to the UK

Some may recall our original report on Cdiscount. com, the French "hard-discounter" (yes, that's supposed to be a French word) who was releasing DVDs at incredibly low prices (between 1€ and 2€). Readers will be happy to hear that they have now revised their policy of not posting outside of France and will now post to the whole of the EU.

Though the paying part has been translated into English, the rest of the store (including another huge collection of 2€ DVDs) is in French so please be careful when selecting the products as some may only come with a French dub, whereas others may not contain English subtitles. P&P is rather steep: 13€ whether you order one or dozens of DVDs. The postage does become free when you spend more than 100€ (circa £66) but there's a maximum of 5 copies of the same DVD per order, probably to avoid UK-based retailers ordering en masse.

A cursory glance through their catalogue revealed a fine selection of Buñuel, some Italian neo-realist classics - all complete with English subs (2€ each) - as well the excellent L'appartement for just 6€ along with most Hitchcocks films for 7€. Potential buyers should be warned that their details are sometimes haywire - I purchased Eureka despite their claiming it was going to be in the wrong aspect ratio and 100 minutes too short - the DVD however was perfect. The reverse has also been true so be warned about that potential problem. Another issue could be the subtitles - although most of their in-house productions have non-compulsory French subs, that may not be the case for all the films they stock. If your DVD player is unable to remove forced subtitles, please check DVDfr first.

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