DVD Times Top 10 DVDs of 2007

Mike Sutton

2001: A Space Odyssey (Warner Brothers, US)
Blade Runner: The Final Cut Five Disc SE (Warner Brothers, UK)
Days of Heaven (Criterion, US)
Deliverance: Deluxe Edition (Warner Brothers, UK)
Doctor Who: New Beginnings (2 Entertain, UK)
The Lady Vanishes (Criterion, US)
O Lucky Man! (Warner Brothers, US)
Performance (Warner Brothers, US)
Two Lane Blacktop (Criterion, US)
The Yakuza (Warner Brothers, US)

John White

Ace in the Hole (Criterion, R1)
Godzilla Boxset (Sony/Classic media, R1)
Marketa Lazarova (Second Run, R2)
Paprika (Blu Ray US)
Sansho the Bailiff (Criterion, R1)
Bava Box set Vol 1 (Anchor bay/Starz, R1)
Pan's Labyrinth (Optimum Blu Ray UK)
Black Book (Blu-ray US)
Curse of the Golden Flower (Blu Ray US)
From Beyond (MGM r1)

Michael Mackenzie

Black Book (Blu-ray, Sony Pictures, USA)
Blade Runner: 5-disc Complete Collector's Edition (HD DVD, Warner, USA)
Cars (Blu-ray, Disney, USA)
Casino Royale (Blu-ray, Sony Pictures, Finland)
Children of Men (HD DVD, Universal, USA)
Hot Fuzz (HD DVD, Universal, UK)
Mulholland Drive (HD DVD, Studio Canal, France)
Ratatouille (Blu-ray, Disney, USA)
Silent Hill (HD DVD, Concorde, Germany)
Les Triplettes de Belleville (HD DVD, France Télévisions Éditions, France)

Kevin Gilvear

Transformers (HD DVD, Paramount, USA)
Hanzo the Razor Trilogy (Eureka R2)
Hard Boiled: Two-Disc Ultimate Edition (Dragon Dynasty, USA)
Horrors of Malformed Men (Synapse Films/Panik House, USA)
Female Demon Ohyaku (Synapse Films/Panik House, USA)
The Jodorowsky Collection (Tartan, UK)
Be With Me (Peccadillo Pictures, UK)

Noel Megahey

1. Bladerunner: Final Cut (Warner, UK)
2. Bicycle Thieves (Criterion, USA)
3. Breathless (Criterion, USA)
4. Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (Masters of Cinema, UK)
5. The Seventh Seal: 50th Anniversary SE (Blu-Ray) (Tartan, UK)
6. Be With Me (Peccadillo, UK)
7. Jan Svankmajer – The Complete Short Films (BFI, UK)
8. Pasolini Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Tartan, UK)
9. If…. (Paramount, UK)
10. Into Great Silence (Soda, UK)

Clydefro Jones

Ace in the Hole (Criterion, US)
Army of Shadows (Criterion, US)
Bigger Than Life (BFI, UK)
Film Noir Classic Collection: Vol. 4 (Warner Bros., US)
Half Nelson (Axiom, UK)
The Jungle Book: Platinum Edition (Disney, US)
Killer of Sheep: The Charles Burnett Collection (New Yorker/Milestone, US)
Palms (Second Run, UK)
Three Films by Hiroshi Teshigahara (Criterion, US)
Viva Pedro: The Almodóvar Collection (Sony, US)

Roger Keen

1. The Luis Bunuel Collection (Optimum UK)
2. Pan's Labyrinth (Optimum UK)
3. Bladerunner - Final Cut (Warner UK)
4. The Seventh Seal - 50th Anniversary SE (Tartan UK)
5. Ace in the Hole (Criterion US)
7. Dennis Potter At London Weekend Television - Vol 2 (Network UK)
8. The League Of Gentlemen SE (Network UK)
9. Extras - Complete Series 1 & 2 (Universal UK)
10. The Queen (20th Century Fox UK)

Dave Foster

Cars (Blu-ray) (Buena Vista, USA)
Clerks 2 (HD DVD) (The Weinstein Company, USA)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind: 30th Anniversary Ultimate Edition (Blu-ray) (Sony, UK)
Heroes Season 1 (HD DVD), (Universal, USA)
Hot Fuzz (HD DVD) (Universal, UK)
Lost Season 3 (Blu-ray) (Buena Vista, USA)
The Office Season 3 (DVD) (Universal, USA)
Planet Earth (Blu-ray/HD DVD) (2 Entertain, UK)
Ratatouille (Blu-ray) (Buena Vista, USA)
Transformers (HD DVD) (Paramount, USA)

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