The Mummy Review

Colin Polonowski has reviewed the Region 1 DVD release of The Mummy

The Mummy tells the story of the unearthing of a 3,000 year old Mummy and the curse that accompanies it. However, while the original was purely a horror movie of the best type, this remake is aimed at at a much wider audience and is more action-adventure than edge of your seat scary. This isn’t a bad thing, but dont sit down thinking your going to have the fright of your life!

The Mummy is a well written, well directed, well acted adventure set in Egypt mainly in 1923. The scenery is stunning throughout and excellent use has been made of modern computer generated effects.

Audio Visual Treat!

There is no denying that The Mummy is a great DVD. Unlike The Matrix, the transfer here is utterly flawless, the colours are perfectly sharp and the anamorphic picture is top notch. There are no digital artifacts and there’s no grain. Even the layer change is in such a place that the chances of you ever noticing it are very slim! The special effects sequences look as good here as they do on the big screen, and the quality of the picture is better than you could expect from even the best cinema showing!

Other than A Bug’s Life which is in a league of its own, this is the best transfer I have ever seen and I don’t think you’re going to get a film to DVD transfer better than this any time in the future!

The surround effects are also great – there are moments when you really can and do believe that you are there in a sandstorm or that there are hundreds of beetles running around your feet. There is plenty of bass when it’s called for, just check out the scene in the library early on when all the bookcases tumble!

Universal have even managed to find the perfect balance between DVD-ROM specific material and standard Extras. Anything which is implementable on a standard player has been – we’ve got a long making of feature, a directors/editors commentary, deleted scenes, trailers, Visual and Special effects featurette and Egyptology 101 – a look at various Egyptian artifacts and practices. On the DVD-ROM side, we have an interactive game, 2 screensavers, some behind the scenes text, ‘electronic postcards’ and some pictures for use as Windows wallpaper! You couldn’t have hoped for more!


It’s a good movie – not a classic, but as a Hollywood blockbuster is is pretty good. Don’t expect anything intelligent, that’s not what this is about – its a fun action/adventure movie in the Indiana Jones or Mask of Zorro mould. There are plenty of moments when you will jump, but the movie doesn’t have the creepy feel of a good horror movie.

As a DVD, things don’t get any better. In fact, disregarding the movie itself, this is probably thebest all round disc I’ve seen so far – there are plenty of excellent discs out there but The Mummy manages to take one more small step towards perfection.

One more thing – please, please, please don’t buy the Pan&Scan release. You owe it to yourself and your DVD player to get this version!

Colin Polonowski

Updated: Feb 27, 1999

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