The Czechoslovak New Wave Review

Three Czech classics in one handy slipcase.

With the end of the year fast approaching it seems inevitable that Second Run will figure in various Best of 2012 DVD polls. The past eleven months (I’m writing this as November comes to a close) have seen the tiny outfit bring ten new titles to our DVD shelves plus a one very welcome re-release. It’s been an especially eclectic line-up – taking us from the 1950s to the present and all over the globe – but, as always, also demonstrated terrific taste. Indeed, if there was ever a label which justified a blind buy the Second Run are surely it. Whether you picked up Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s Mother Joan of the Angels this year or Pedro Costa’s Casa de Lava or any other of their 2012 releases, chances are you didn’t come away disappointed.

Before they sign-off until 2013 (Miklós Janscó’s Confrontation is already on the slate for January 28th) Second Run have left us with a parting gift. Not a new release but rather a limited edition re-package of three older titles at a typically knock-down price. And gift is the operative word: what better Christmas present for the discerning film fan than a trio of Czech classics? The boxed-set (which retains the original booklets and additional features on each disc) contains Jan Nemec’s WWII drama Diamonds of the Night, Ivan Passer’s delightful comedy Intimate Lighting and Juraj Herz’s The Cremator, a genuine oddity that defies easy description. (Even when collating films on a single theme Second Run cannot help but be eclectic, it seems!)

As keen supporters of the label since their very first release in August 2005 the Digital Fix already houses full-length reviews for each one of these discs. In order to read further, please click on one of the covers below…

Anthony Nield

Updated: Nov 26, 2012

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