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Written and Directed by Preston Sturges gathers together seven of the eight films Preston Sturges made for Paramount Pictures during the early forties (only The Miracle of Morgan's Creek is missing). Individual reviews for all seven titles, including discussions of their respective presentation qualities and extra features, can be found by clicking on the links below. The ratings in the sidebar on this particular page therefore represent an overall grade for the set as a whole, though be warned that some discs prove superior to others. It is also worth pointing out that three of the discs are also available as separate releases in identical form, the only difference with the set being the addition of a 20-page booklet which contains potted biographies for the various stars who appeared for Sturges. The films are as follows:

The Great McGinty (1940) Starring: Brian Donlevy, Muriel Angelus and Akim Tamiroff

Christmas in July (1940) Starring: Dick Powell, Ellen Drew and Raymond Walburn

The Lady Eve (1941) Starring: Henry Fonda, Barbara Stanwyck and Charles Coburn

Sullivan's Travels (1941) Starring: Joel McCrea, Veronica Lake and Robert Warwick

The Palm Beach Story (1942) Starring: Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea and Rudy Vallee

Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) Starring: Eddie Bracken, Ellie Raines and Raymond Walburn

The Great Moment (1944) Starring: Joel McCrea, Betty Field and Harry Carey

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