Will and Grace (Season 2 Vol. 1 & 2) Review

Following on from season 1, the second season of Will and Grace changes little to the characters but changes a few things to the settings: Jack is now living with Rosario pretending for the US immagration to be a happily married couple, Will and Grace no longer live together (though for obvious reasons she seems to always be in his house) and Karen gets the little more development that her character was crying out for. The humour remains in the same areas as the first series - not too risky but with a certain edge to avoid it becoming too vapid though the cultural references that made the first season so enjoyable seem to have changed in an attempt to capture a different audience - the Allen-style references (Bergman and co) have been toned down in favour of the likes of Madonna or Cher.

The episodes included on the two DVDs are:
Disc One
Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner
Grace tries to make a break from Will by moving across the corridor though not everything goes according to plan.
Will and Grace start competing against each other in order to be elected head of the tenant's committee
I Never Promised You an Olive Garden
Will and Grace get sick of their usual friends and start hanging out with a hip British guy and his partner.
Das Boob
Grace makes the headlines with a photo that makes her breasts seem rather larger than they are in actuality and panic sets in when an old flame phones up...

Disc TwoWhose Mom Is It, Anyway?
Mother Adler is in time to try and find a match for Grace much to her duaghter's annoyance...
Polk Defeats Truman
Harlan has become even richer and Will seems to be on the way up with him. He ditches all his poor clients to focus solely on his Texan client's needs.
To Serve and Disinfect
Will fills in for Jack as a ballet waiter though things rapidly go pear-shaped. Meanwhile, Grace accidently uncovers one of Karen's little secrets.
Homo For The Holidays
Jack's mother is coming over for Thanksgiving at Will's but Jack is having none of it - almost as if he's hiding something from her.

The DVD:The first thing that viewers will notice is the shortness of each DVD - for some reason, Medusa have decided to release Season 2 across 6 DVDs with only 4 episodes per disc. Season 1 however managed to get 8 episodes per disc, which makes this look like a slightly cynical attempt at making people pay almost twice the original price for the same product.

The image:This is very much on par with season one: the quality is good but given the limitations of the source material, it's hard to make it look wonderful but it looks just as good if not better as it does when broadcast.

The sound:We get a rather monaural stereo mix, not that Will and Grace really need a stereo mix given that it is highly dialogue based. The sound levels are well set with the voices being clearly audible over the canned laughter...

The menu:Very simple but pleasant enough and quite bright. That's all that can be said about it...

The extras:Disc 1:What is the rubbish? Two montages of clips from the series. We get two different themes: Karen's criticisms of Grace's clothes and ad-lib singing.Disc 2:Same as disc one but three of them :dancing, homosexuality and onomatopoeia. Quite why they even bothered to produce these extras is beyond me!

Given the slightly inflated pricing system and the lack of real extras, most buyers may think twice before buying. That said the image and the sounds are perfectly good so if you're a die-hard Will and Grace fan I assume this is already in your collection...

5 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
1 out of 10


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