Red Team Review

Someone is killing the serial killers. Jason Chambers (Patrick Muldoon) is recruited to Red Team, a covert organisation dedicated to tracking serial killers, and soon discovers that the truth is far more sinister...

It doesn't take much to work out that Red Team is the real murderer, and soon Jason is in danger of his life as he tries to assert the value of law and order against vigilante justice. This is really routine stuff, which quite understandably has gone straight to video and DVD in the UK. All the elements of Rental Premiere titles are there: a cast made out of second-string leads (Patrick Muldoon, who was in Starship Troopers), once-weres (Cathy Moriarty, C. Thomas Howell, and a cameo from Fred Ward) and video stalwarts (Tim Thomerson). Most of them turn in professional jobs of work, with Howell surprisingly unrecognisable with a shaved head and goatee beard. However, they can't overcome Muldoon's charisma bypass in the lead role. Expository dialogue ends with lines like "But you know this as well as I do, Jason" and the music score is all synthesised drum-patterns and powerchords. Frankly, it's all been done before and by now it's very tired.

This DVD boasts a surprisingly good picture, with sharp colours and good blacks and a minimum of artefacting. It's presented in a 4:3 open-matte transfer. Judging by the headroom it many shots it was composed for 1.85:1 for a potential cinema release, though the clips in the trailer look occasionally awkwardly cropped in 16:9.

The sound is a bog-standard Dolby Surround track, with the surround speakers only used for the music. The dialogue is always clear, but that's all you can really say for it – like everything else it lacks any kind of inspiration and only uses the surrounds for the music score.

Extras include a trailer (in 16:9 but not anamorphic), production notes and cast biographies, and a 16:9 coming-attractions trailer for what seems a very similar rental premiere title, No Alibi.

And that's it. Unless you have a completist urge to watch every serial-killer thriller, or everything certain cast members have been in, or it's a very rainy night, I can't recommend Red Team over hundreds of very similar movies.

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