Like, Totally... Dylan Moran Live Review

A crowd gathers outside the theatre whilst a solitary slightly drunk man chain smokes whilst he waits to enter the stage. Once he does, he opines about how the world is bobbins and we are all going to die. Dylan Moran's latest stand up offering is just over an hour of musings and slanderous generalisations about the human race. That it is also very funny and delivered with charm and intelligence you may take for granted, but why would you choose this over other videos released for the Christmas market.

You would choose this as Moran is an excellent stand up and more in his element than in any of the fine sitcoms he has done. Moran's technique as a comic is observational, he looks at life from a damning perspective but this is softened by his shambolic likeability. This lets him get away with comments that less skilled raconteurs might not as Moran's approach is frank and self deprecating. He knows that his views as expressed are shallow and allows the audience to laugh at him expressing them. At one stage he talks about going to Australia and says:
"located three quarters of a mile from the surface of the sun, people audibly crackling as they walk past you in the street....It's not supposed to be inhabited and when they are not ... frying themselves outside they fling themselves into the sea which is inhabited by things almost entirely designed to kill you"

This elegant miserabilism confirms the fear that nothing beyond our front door can be trusted, and Moran illustrates this in the world of politics too. He imagines the world as America takes it over with rebels the world over meeting to discuss revolt, only to find that whilst they were talking their meeting place has been turned into a Starbucks! Moran also takes on religion and guilt, before finally talking about intimacy. Here he demonstrates what a great communicator he is by dragging the audience into his description of falling in love before he delivers his punchline:
"and you realise this is the person for you...... and then the cage comes down and your mother jumps from the wardrobe with a cigarillo pointing out of the corner of her mouth".

Like...Totally is delivered in two half hour monologues and an encore. It isn't the longest comedy performance you'll see yet Moran is so entertaining throughout that the number and the depth of the laughs make it quality stuff. The performance is recorded with himself accompanied by his drawings projected either side of him, and it is shot well with good choices made on selection of close-ups and medium shots. The direction and editing are of a high standard and in sympathy with Moran's tone and material, the camera is close when he talks tender and distanced when he is cynical. Well produced, as befits a performer of Moran's skill, Like....Totally is a shortish, enjoyable spell in the company of a slightly drunk genius.

The Disc
This is a single layer disc with about 75% of its capacity used. The performance is transferred well with some low level grain and the visual quality is good despite some combing in still shots. The anamorphic transfer is sharp and the colours are strong and vibrant with flesh tones looking appropriate. The contrast is a little on the high side though. The audio is a single stereo track with Moran's words balanced clearly above the sound of the audience, no imperfections like pops and hiss were audible.

The extras are sparse indeed. Short silent footage of Moran messing around in his dressing room is interspersed with title cards like "Triumph over fleshy weakness through stretching" in the Dylan Moran Guide to Super Fitness which last all of two minutes. The final extra is the display of the drawings that flash up during Moran's routine in a photogallery. However, that is all the extras that your twenty quid will get you.

Moran is more than your average stand up. His witty misanthropy is matched by his ability to reel in his audience and earn their admiration through touching honesty. All said, this is a well crafted 65 minute routine with a poverty of extras that you will want to watch long after the Christmas Turkey has been finished.

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