Indiscreet Review

The Film

Anna Kaplan (Ingrid Bergman) is a successful middle age actress. She is however unhappy due her failed love life, she has been in countless relationships that never work out. Things turn around when Anna meets her brother in laws colleague Philip Adams (Cary Grant) from all appearances he is good looking, charming and successful. They soon become emotionally involved but the depressing fact remains that Anna can never marry him because he is split from his wife but cannot get a divorce. The film takes a turn around when Anna discovers that Philip has been keeping a nasty secret from her.

It took me around 40 minutes of viewing before I determined that this film was supposed to be a romantic comedy, to be honest I think there was only one moment when I actually laughed out loud. The main point that lets it is the fact that there is no real plot, the film plods on without any real progression I soon found myself getting very bored of the sets, the characters, the dialogue and especially the music (some repetitive piano constantly playing).

To be fair to the actors there was really very little that they could do with a script so bad. Some of the dialogue was so mundane, for instance a conversation in the elevator between Anna and Philip:

Philip - “the weather is very muggy tonight”
Anna – “Yes isnt it, its not usually this muggy at this time of year”

The scene then ends. What possible reason was there for this scene?, I can see no logical reason why it was included because it advances the story in no way. There seemed to be several scenes such as this. I think the intention was to move the action away from Anna’s apartment to keep the viewer interested but most of the time this just worked against them for the above reason.

The last 30 minutes of the film after Anna learns of Philip’s secret does pick up a bit, Bergman really begins to stretch her legs whilst concocting some very devious plans, the conversation between Anna and Philip at this stage is vaguely amusing I thought for a moment that the film wasn’t going to conclude how I originally predicted and this excited me for a moment, is there more to this I was thinking to myself but ultimately I was let down. The ending is perhaps the most cheesy part in a bad film, it did cause me to laugh but not how the film makers intended I think.

The Picture

Unfortunately the disk has little more to offer. The picture is non anamorphic and hasn’t been re-mastered at all. It is very grainy with lots of print damage. There are constant blips and scratches appearing.

The Sound

The sound is recorded in two channel stereo which serves well enough for a dialogue driven film and produces that God awful piano music without a problem.

Special features

There is nothing to offer in the way of special features other than a trailer.

Any trailer that claims that “this will be best motion picture you’ve ever seen” has issues. A pit fall that many older trailers seem to fall into is that they go on to long and reveal too much, this is certainly the case here.


I find it hard to recommend this film I just cant see that a modern day audience would find any enjoyment from it. It is rarely funny and just seems to meander towards a predictable ending. I can’t even see that an older audience would appreciate this because it hasn’t really got anything-notable going for it.

A trailer for special features just makes a bad disk worse. For someone such as myself who has little knowledge of the actors and director it would have been nice to have some information concerning them. It’s like watching an old film on TV during a Sunday afternoon, you watch it, it passes the time but ultimately it leaves you feeling hollow and wondering why?

3 out of 10
3 out of 10
3 out of 10
0 out of 10


out of 10

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