Eminem Presents The Anger Management Tour Review

Timed to coincide with his current Anger Management tour, this latest Eminem DVD release goes back three years to present a hometown gig from around the time of his The Eminem Show LP. Squeezing in 20 tracks into just over an hours worth of screen time, it proves a brisk, perky affair with little room for indulgence of unnecessary asides. Indeed, only a couple of skits make their presence known and both are thankfully short and easily skipped with the single push of a button on the remote. Instead, the concert largely gets down to business, skipping through the favourites from the albums made up until that point and even chucking in a couple of D-12 numbers.

Of course, being a hometown audience, the hefty (and incredibly youthful) crowd lap up every beat and swear word, join in with every call and response and mug amiably every time a camera swings their way. And fans that pick up this release are likely to produce a similar reaction. It’s slickly put together and decidedly unobtrusive in its execution. Shot digitally, the cameras crane around, grab close-ups and adopt other familiar gig techniques, but thankfully never draw attention to themselves. There’s nothing overly tricksy on display here whilst the hip hop rhythms provide an easy template for the edit points. Indeed, there’s nothing here to stop the disc from providing an accurate record of the concert; oftentimes it is only Eminem onstage, and so they can’t even make the mistake of capturing the wrong detail.

And yet this also points up the problem inasmuch as there isn’t a great deal going on onstage. The Eminem Show tie-in has allowed for an elaborate circus/carnival-style stage set replete with Ferris wheel, giant TV screen and various performers, yet there’s little to be done with them other than to provide a colourful backdrop. As such we’re left solely with Eminem (and occasional guests) with his T-shirt, bandana, microphone and little else. Certainly, his performance is fine and one unfazed by the huge crowd (indeed, a huge hometown crowd), yet it lacks the kineticism found in his promos. Of course, some may find this no-nonsense approach an enticing prospect, others, however, may feel that the 71-minute running time is suitably swift.

The Disc

Shot digitally, Eminem Presents The Anger Management Tour looks decidedly fine on DVD. The image is continually crisp, free from any damage or technical flaw and ably captures the colourful stage set. That said, its 1.78:1 ratio is also rendered non-anamorphically, which is a disappointment (and a surprise), plus it’s also worth noting that the disc is in the NTSC format – an aspect not mentioned anywhere on the sleeve. As for the soundtrack, the option of either a DD2.0 or DD5.1 mix is present. Surprisingly, there is little difference between the two. Certainly, both are as crisp and clean as the image, yet one would have thought the latter choice would have offered a more enveloping experience. That said, both are agreeable, though don’t expect anything too dynamic.

Also present on the disc is a 27-minute ‘On the Road’ featurette which captures an array of clumsily edited backstage moments. Indeed, there is little structure to this piece, rather it plays out like an overlong B-roll footage featurette, albeit with added goofing off. (As with the concert itself, this featurette is without optional subtitles.)

As a final note, discerning parents may also wish to know that the disc comes with a 15 certificate, even though such information is present neither on the front of the case nor its spine. Rather the ratings logo appears in its tiniest form, buried in the bottom right hand corner on the back of the case.


Square Dance
White America
Kill You
When the Music Stops
Pimp Like Me
Fight Music
Purple Pills
The Way I Am
Cleanin Out My Closet
Forget About Dre
Drug Ballad
Just Don't Give a Fuck
Sing for the Moment
Without Me
My Dad's Gone Crazy

7 out of 10
7 out of 10
7 out of 10
3 out of 10


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