Creature Comforts (Series 1 Part 2) Review

Having released the first part of the series a few months back, Aardman are now releasing the second part of Creature Comforts on another separate disc. The general idea behind the series is to bring to life the voices of interviewees from the general public who were asked often quite outlandish questions by the Aardman crew. The most interesting bits are kept and made into a vaguely coherent episode on a specific topic. On this second disc, the topics move swiftly from the banal to more bizarre territories ranging from the surreal to the existential. However, despite the new territories explored, the series seems to be rapidly running out of ideas and getting a tad repetitive at times; still the precision and the richness of the animation manage to save the less interesting episodes from being excessively boring.

The episodes featured are as follows:
  • The beach
  • The pet shop
  • What's it all about?
  • Being a bird
  • Is anyone out there?
  • Cats or dogs?
  • Merry Christmas

The DVD:
This DVD contains the 7 remaining episodes from the season so to own the entire season you'll have to purchase the first disc also. As things stand, there doesn't seem to be a boxset in the works.

The image:
Again we get an anamorphic transfer with little wrong with it at all - the colour tones are vivid and come through really well and I didn't notice any artifacting. The blacks again tend to be stable and problem-free.

The sound:
The stereo mix is clear with no problems there at all. However, as with the first disc, there are no subtitles included at all which is a huge shame - in fact, it's the minimum you can expect from a DVD release but it looks like they were trying to cut corners here.

The extras:
First up we have Favourite bits (10 mins, anamorphic 16/9) which has the director and the editor talking about their favourite scenes in the series. Next we have a whole load of TV extras which are all original animations that were made for ads or TV inserts. There are 2 ITV idents, a trailer for the TV awards, 4 PG tips ads and 10 of the adverts Nick Park originally did for HeatElectric. Finally we get a 3 minute long feature showing a split-screen with the animators acting out scene along side the final animation and a rather uninteresting trivia game which is virtually the same as the one included on disc 1.

Though releasing the discs separately seems like a naughty marketing ploy to increase revenue, the disc themselves are rather good with some decent extras which will please Aardman collectors as well as good sound and image.

7 out of 10
8 out of 10
8 out of 10
5 out of 10


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