DVD Reviews

Dementia DVD Review

Under an hour long and with no spoken dialogue, Dementa (aka Daughter of Horror) is a long-standing cult film now released in dual-format by the BFI.

Hunter's Moon Review

In this crime-horror, will the sheriff or a werewolf be knocking on your door?

Richard Jewell Review

Clint Eastwood's real-life tale of injustice is a fine addition to the veteran director's filmography.

Animals Review

Aren't you scared of becoming too civilian?

Kaleidoscope Review

A modern day Hitchcockian tale with a twist that will frustrate and shock

In Safe Hands Review

Jeanne Herry’s drama features three personal stories as they traverse the bureaucracy and heartache of the adoption process

Amazing Grace Review

Aretha Franklin has been the inspiration and influence for some of the most impressive collection of female artists and it is easy to see why.

Under the Silver Lake Review

A masturbatory fantasy of Hollywood from the director of It Follows.

Charlie Says Review

The shocking events of 1969 rendered through the experience of three women who believed what Charlie said

Ashes in the Snow Review

Teenager, Lina, and her family face the horrors of World War II as they struggle to find meaning and dignity.

Avengement Review

Scott Adkins goes on a bloody rampage for revenge

Sink or Swim Review

A group of 40-something men on the verge of a mid-life crisis discover a new unexpected passion in French comedy Sink or Swim, now on DVD & digital download.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot Review

A film that gives us an audacious title, but decides to go to a lot quieter places with its execution

Lizzie Review

The infamous story of Lizzie Borden gets an edgy update.

A Star is Born Review

A famous musician helps an aspiring singer find fame - and love.