The Beaster Bunny Review

So Easter is a strange time. We celebrate it beacuse a man came back from the dead, and to celebrate we eat chocolate eggs that have been either hidden, or sometimes, laid by a rabbit called the Easter Bunny. With a set up like that how can this holiday possibly fit a horror film? Well The Beaster Bunny tries to answer that question; released on DVD and demand this film shows us what it would be like if the Easter Rabbi turns rabid

The Film;
A failed actress returns to her sleepy home town, where the mayor is corrupt and there have been a string of gruesome deaths. In search of a job she finds one at the animal control department. During her rounds with her creepy colleague they find a 50ft man-eating rabbit that she must stop from eating the entire town.

So, a monster movie set around Easter, with slight nods to Jaws with a corrupt politician covering up a murder problem for the sake of tourist dollars, but without the budget for locations, special effects or decent actors. You would think then that this would be a campy chuckle that you can drink to with your friends, especially when you consider that the Beaster Bunny is a marionette that was painfully green screened into the shots in post. You'd be wrong.

In the same way that Birdemic 2: Shock and Terror missed the point of the original's appeal by being aware of how terrible it was, so too does Beaster Bunny realise that it is a burning mess of celluloid. It leans heavily into this fact and tries to ring some intentional laughs out of its audience, but they are about as funny as a 5-year old making up his own jokes and repeating them, ad nausium.

While I understand the appeal of watching bad movies and turning them into unwitting comedies, I have always found this style of movie watching to be a test of endurance, and with The Beaster Bunny I hit the wall. There is nothing to recommend it. The special effects, while at first a novelty, slowly outlive their welcome, the jokes are crude and lowest common denominator, the acting is actually sickening, I felt nauseous watching what this film had to offer regarding its characters.

The Beaster Bunny is just plain bad. The attempts at humour fall flat, the special effects are beyond laughable, and it is a mess from start to finish. While Horrorsociety may have said that it is "the greatest Easter Horror film ever released" I hope that is because it is the only Easter-themed horror movie, because I don't want to know what it beat to that title.

The Disc;
Well, this is the only positive thing I can say about this release; the disc is well made, there are no digital errors in the video, the menus are simple and easy to navigate, though that is because there is nothing on this disc other than the film, There are no subtitles, no audio options, no extras, just the film and the scene selection menu. It is a disc as absent of frills as the movie is absent of quality.

There are no extras on this disc, thankfully. The less there is on this disc the less time I have to talk about it. Quite frankly I don't know what extras they could have put on this DVD, because I am sure the budget was too small for a making of and the directors are probably too embarrassed to do a director’s commentary.

So after reading however many words were needed for me to tell you that this film is bad, not in a good way, do you really need my conclusion. The Beaster Bunny is bad; there are no extras to sell this disc either. Overall I would say that no one should dare pick this awful movie up, but knowing that the community of so-bad-its-good are salivating to get a hold of this, I am strongly cautioning you, that it is not funny whatsoever and neither is the ridiculous price they are charging for it.

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