Najica Blitz Tactics: Volume 2 Review

The girls are back for more high-kicking, panty adventures in volume two of three in this twelve episode series.

When we last saw Najica and Lila they had completed several missions successfully and were getting to know each other a little better. Volume 2 sees much of the same. The girls are on dangerous assignments, trying to put an end to megalomaniacs across the world.

Continuing to work as standalone episodes, Najica Blitz Tactics' story arc seems to be unfolding a bit more clearly now as we learn that the girl's must retrieve several more rogue humaritts (androids the same type as Lila) throughout the series. It looks as if this is how it will carry on, with each episode featuring a different humaritt for the duo to bring back home.

The episodes this time round are more noticeably weaker than in volume one. Surprisingly the panty shots have been reduced, not by much though. The actual storylines are weaker, almost coming across as re-hashes of some of the plots from volume one and the action, aside from episode eight offers little excitement.

Najica and Karala still haven't found their Sunday scent for their new perfume line, as the storyline has been shelved for most of this middle run. In the meantime, Najica is beginning to care more for Lila. She realises how important she is and slowly comes to think of her as more human than machine. The episodes on offer in this volume do little to further their relationship but give us enough to know that volume three should bring some closure.

The series goes a little further with its fan service by serving up some brief nudity. Curiously Najica is kept relatively hidden but Lila's breasts are shown. This happens twice during volume two, firstly when the girls are having their check-up and secondly to a more comical effect when Lila boards a ship and her bikini is torn, much to Najica's surprise, although clearly it doesn't phase Lila.

I neglected to mention in my review for volume one that Najica Blitz Tactics features an impressive jazzed up score, courtesy of Junichi Kanezaki. The main theme of which is a styling of 30's jazz and modern funk which will have you humming along from time to time.

Volume 2 features the following episodes:

Mission: 005 - The Fragile Dream with a Crimson Coloured Horizon
Najica and Lila must race against time to stop a madman from using a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile to create havoc. Aiding him is a young girl humaritt with her sights set on our heroines.

Mission: 006 - The Beautiful Beast's Eyes with a Lonely Shadow
A humaritt combat model is activated by a crazy loon but terror soon strikes when the humaritt goes on a rampage. Najica and Lila must hunt it down and kill if necessary.

Mission: 007 - The Murderous Bullet Shot with a Wry Smile
On their last mission, Lila was wounded and must spend the next week recuperating. Najica is given a solo mission - to protect a young mathematics prodigy and her guardian from being captured by the Kirnovf government.

Mission: 008 - The Sky of Desire with a Swirling Battle Flame
Toni - a rogue humaritt takes a hostage in a bid to prevent the destruction of a stolen jet fighter. Najica and Lila must hunt down Toni's master and Toni herself in order to save the day.


ADV suitably follow up volume 1 with an almost identical DVD, which is a good thing.


The series is presented in its original 4:3 aspect ratio. Each episode looks gorgeous. Being made in 2001 it's no surprise really. Volume 2 features some extremely colourful moments that are handled perfectly.


Like the first volume we have a choice of the original Japanese 2.0 language track or the 5.1 English dub. Both tracks are up to the same standard as heard on volume 1.


ADV give us similar extras to those on volume 1.

Clean Opening
The series titles credits but without the titles that appear over the nicely animated sequence.

Clean Closing
The end theme, again without credits.

Audio Commentary by Andy McAvin (Gento) and Mike Kleinhenz (Majima)
We have another hilarious commentary, this time by the male actors. Recorded on the same day as Kira and Monica's for volume one, the guys are having a good time here on their post ADV party commentary. Both actors enjoy themselves as they watch the endless panty shots and make typical guy comments with regards to them. Mike loves his anime girls and jokes about getting off on them while Andy provides some good counter comments. It may not be in depth or informative but it's so funny it'll bring a tear to your eye.

Japanese TV Spots
A 30 second television spot.

Lila's On Call Mission Announcement
A 17 second advert in which Lila says that the network will play the most popular requested episode, due to her being sick in bed.

Production Sketches
15 pages of black and white drawings, from scantily clad Najica to interior design.

ADV Previews
Trailers for the following ADV titles: Zaion, Angelic Layer, Slayers: Return and Full Metal Panic.


I’m not entirely surprised by the way volume two has turned out. It is what I was expecting but the overall feeling is that that the series has to pick up for volume three in order to get back on track and hopefully focus on a meaningful conclusion.

6 out of 10
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