Megaforce Review

The Film

Back in the eighties, the world seemed a simpler place. Christopher Reeve had turned back the tide of Lex Luthor and General Zod, and we all knew that Luke Skywalker would overcome his dubious parentage and incestuous urges to defeat the forces of evil. When David Hasselhoff successfully reunited the two Germany's through the power of song and rock and roll decimated the iron curtain, didn't we all know that the world was a better, safer and downright cooler place. That freedom could be brought about by all-American boys and their poodle perms and streaked hair was clear to us all. As the Hoff put it "given some time, someday I'm gonna find the freedom, freedom, freedom I've been searching for"imageIt was in the air you see, simple brute force solutions to all the world's problems and that's how Megaforce came into being. Directed by Burt Reynold's favourite house guest, Hal Needham, Ace Hunter's lycra army of supermen (no women as they cause confusion in the ranks you know) were available to freedom loving regimes around the world if they needed to silence an insurrection or destabilise an unhelpful freely elected government. From the moment evil-doers saw the mane of his hair and the cut of his skin-tight leotard they knew that freedom had snuck in and was about to smash them about the chops.

Of course, some lacked the courage to back these brave men. Politicians, judges and voters - they just make you sick with their lily livered conditional support for subversive under the counter operations in other people's countries. That limey General Byrne-White (Mulhare), he got them to invade some country looking a lot like Nevada and then pulled their credentials mid operation leaving Megaforce at the mercy of Guerera's crack tank division. All because of the "sovereignty of nations" or some such shit.imageStill there's no greater love than love for your fellow men and that's what got Megaforce through with their missile laden motorbikes, military drag racers and lycra oneseys. The Commander even stuck two fingers up at his hombre Guerera before riding his aero-cycle onto our airborne transport plane. Heck the only thing to compare with love for your fellow men, is the love of a beautiful woman and one who loves to display cleavage through her uniform is perfect for Ace to celebrate with. God bless Major Zara and her befuddled feminist ways.

Simple, happy times, the eighties. When you could convince the national guard to lone you their tanks and when you could get twenty million to make a movie with epic pointless stunts, dialogue copied and pasted from seven or eight different scripts and where the real romance is between the hero and the villain. Simple times where the only thing that matters is getting away with it and having more fun than is usually possible without performance enhancing medication or the use of lubricants.imageMegaforce is a social document made entirely of cheese - the kind you get from a can. Simply open your gullet and spray and enjoy the carcinogens, the cholesterol and the slight high you'll experience as it's great fun.

The Disc

This is a barebones package sadly on a single layer disc locked to region B. The main feature gets a 5.1 soundtrack at a healthy bit rate and whilst not a proper 3-D experience the quality of reproduction is solid and the coverage enough to allow you to enjoy the cheesefest on offer.

The transfer is an NTSC one and heavily interlaced, I had to change my set up to 1080i to watch the film without jerky movement or shadowing. There is some ringing caused by edge enhancement and I suspect a little contract boosting, but colour balance seems fine and black levels are satisfactory as well. This isn't an excellent transfer but a satisfactory one for such a cult offering. No subs though....


It's so much guilty fun that you can't help laughing along with or at it. Any film that includes the silhouette shot above and keeps a straight face is a winner in my book, this is a barebones release with an ok transfer.

7 out of 10
6 out of 10
6 out of 10
0 out of 10


out of 10

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