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Extended fight scenes for Shanghai Knights DVD

The following article from suggests we can expect to see extended fight scenes on the forthcoming Region 1 DVD release of Shanghai Knights (details here). The article includes director David Dobkin expressing why he chose to cut two of the three sequences that will be extended...

“The library fight is about three minutes longer, and it’s extraordinary, but in the middle of the second act it was really hurting the movie,” Dobkin said. “[The Donnie Yen fight], there’s about a minute- and-a-half more of that. It’s amazing, but the problem with that was you knew there’s a whole other fight coming up and you just couldn’t [wait so long before the climax].”

It then goes on to say that Dobkin stands by his Theatrical cut so it is not yet known how exactly these scenes will be incorporated onto the DVD – will it be a new cut of the film? Or possibly use seamless branching technology? Or simply include the extended sequences as bonus material?

All we know for certain is that Dobkin has gone on record at least twice now regarding these extended sequences as he originally told Latino Review pretty much the same thing before the films theatrical release in this article.

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