8 films worth watching on TV this week

Bone Tomahawk   Sat   25/8   Film4 @ 23.20

A sheriff of a frontier town leads a posse of men into the desert to rescue townfolk who have been kidnapped. Quite what they have been kidnapped by is another matter though. S. Craig Zahler's horror/western is a hell of a watch. But be warned, there's one scene of violence in here that will give you nightmares for weeks. The cast though is second to none. Kurt Russel, Richard Jenkins and Patrick Wilson are all in super form.

Mrs Miniver   Sun   26/8   TCM @ 08.10

Kay Miniver lives in a small village outside London with her family. Life is fine and they have all they need until World War 2 touches their peaceful existence. A touching look at a troubled time when people struggled to stay civilised despite the chaos all around them. A beautifully acted look too with Greer Garson in top form as Mrs Miniver and Walter Pidgeon superb in support.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist   Mon   27/8   BBC2 @ 22.30

A unique film here, a look at the root causes of religious fundamentalism and from the viewpoint of a young Muslim man instead of a US government agent. Riz Ahmed is excellent as Changez, a student from Pakistani who's love of America and all it offers changes dramatically after global events alter his world view. Compelling and well written stuff that will stay with you and make you think.

Starry Eyes   Mon   27/8   The Horror Channel @ 22.55

A young aspiring actress in Hollywood is willing to go to any lengths to ensure she becomes a star of the silver screen. A dark and twisted cautionary tale about the dangers of ambition and greed. It's also a pretty damn effective little horror film that will probably leave you horrified when the credits role so be warned. It's nasty. Alex Esso in the lead is very good and someone to look out for in the future.

Odette   Tues   28/8   BBC2 @ 13.20

The true story of Odette Sansom, one of the unsung heroes of World War 2. A French woman and mother who joined the SOE and learned spycraft and espionage before falling foul of the nazi war machine. A gripping and tension packed watch about a side of history rarely mentioned lead by a fantastic Anna Neagle as Odette. Reliable old British faces such as Peter Ustinov and Trevor Howard are great back up.

A Fistful Of Dollars   Wed   29/8   ITV4 @ 22.00

Spaghetti western par excellence time. A mysterious stranger rides into a small desert town in search of work and soon enough his skill with a gun brings him to the notice of two rival gangs. The film that made Clint Eastwood a star still packs a brilliant punch 54 years after it was made. His coolness, the twisty turny storyline, sweat sodden cinematography and Ennio Morricone's soundtrack all combine to create something sublime.

Severance   Thur   30/8   The Horror Channel @ 21.00

Whilst on a team building retreat in the forests of Hungary, the employees of a weapons company start to notice weird goings on. OK, I know the fact that Danny Dyer is in this will put a lot of people off but if you can get over your hatred for him you'll find this to be a highly entertaining comedy/horror/thriller/satire that subverts it's cliches and tropes cleverly. Andy Nyman and Laura Harris also add to the fun.

Strictly Ballroom   Fri   31/8   BBC2 @ 13.00

A competitive dancer with an unorthodox style and his new partner set out to shake things up in the world of Australian ballroom dancing. Baz Luhrmann's comedy drama sounds like silly fluff but it's actually a cracking watch and it's as tense and exciting in places as any thriller and has a climax that would make a stone smile. Paul Mercurio and Tara Morice are treat as the lead duo.

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