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Fox present you with Brazil this May

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Terry Gilliam's Brazil for May 19th 2003. With more than one cut floating around for this title the running time will be an important factor for anyone. In this case the press release lists it as 124-minutes. The specs are...

  • 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • English DD2.0 Surround
  • English Hard of Hearing, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian subtitles
  • Featurette: ‘What Is Brazil?’ (30mins)
  • Theatrical trailer
Retail is £15.99.

Here is a look at the cover art and the synopsis taken from the press release...

Set “sometime in the 20th Century”, Gilliam (Twelve Monkeys, The Fisher King, and the Monty Python films) directs an Orwellian futuristic black comedy where society is run by a monolithic company, technology is ubiquitous but inefficient, and nobody is free from the pervasion of the state and its crippling paperwork.

Civil Servant Sam Lowry (Pryce) escapes in his daydreams; flying-high as a winged Greek-god as he rescues the love of his life, not that he has ever met her…yet. However, as Lowry’s life and his dreams begin to merge together, his life is torn apart. Whilst trying to rectify a tragic administrative mistake, the wrongful imprisonment of one Harry Buttle, Lowry meets for real the woman he is always chasing in his dreams. Yet he stands to lose this dream life as he himself gets branded a terrorist and becomes hunted by the state.

Gilliam was first known for the bizarre animation sequences of cut-out pictures and photographs in Monty Python's Flying Circus. As one of the five founding members from one of the best comedic collectives in film history, Gilliam’s rich and eclectic visual style has continued to be intrinsic to the films he has directed. Considered by many to be Gilliam’s key work, BRAZIL showcases his signature fantastical sequences at their most successful, as he demonstrates the ultimate power of imagination in escaping reality.

BRAZIL boasts a stunning array of inventive settings and memorable images, and won a BAFTA in 1986 for its Special Visual Effects. The film was also Oscar-nominated for Best Screenplay (Terry Gilliam, Tom Stoppard and Charles McKeown). The DVD includes Rob Hedden's rare 30 minute witty on-set documentary ‘What Is Brazil’, featuring Terry Gilliam and other key members of the cast and crew.

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