Futurama Season 3 lands in June

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Futurama Season Three for June 30th with a retail price of £39.99. All 22-episodes from Season 3 (in the order they were produced, not the order they were broadcast) are present and will be offered in their original 4:3 Aspect Ratio with English DD2.0 Surround audio and a selection of subtitle options (English, French, Italian and Dutch). Bonus material is plentiful and combines with the episodes like so across the four discs...

Disc One:

  • Amazon Women In The Mood

  • Parasites Lost

  • A Tale of Two Santas

  • The Luck Of The Fryrish

  • The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

  • Bendless Love

  • Special Features:
  • Commentary for each episode

  • Gallery for Parasites Lost

  • Deleted scenes from all episodes

  • Easter Egg – David X. Cohen Introduction

  • Easter Egg – Table Read for ‘A Tale Of Two Santas’

  • Disc Two:

  • The Day The Earth Stood Stupid

  • That’s Lobstertainment

  • The Cyber House Rules

  • Where The Buggalo Roam

  • Insane In The Mainframe

  • The Route Of All Evil

  • Special Features:
  • Audio commentary for each episode

  • Deleted scene from The Day The Earth Stood Stupid, That’s Lobstertainment, The Cyber House Rules, Where The Buggalo Roam, Insane In The Mainframe

  • Disc Three:

  • Bendin’ In The Wind

  • Time Keeps On Slipping

  • I Dated A Robot

  • A Leela Of Her Own

  • A Pharaoh To Remember

  • Special Features:
  • Audio commentary for each episode

  • Deleted scenes from Time Keeps On Slipping, A Leela Of Her Own, A Pharaoh To Remember

  • Disc Four:

  • Anthology of Interest, Part II

  • Roswell That Ends Well

  • Godfellas

  • Future Stock

  • The 30% Iron Chef

  • Special Features:
  • Audio commentary for each episode

  • Alternative animated commentary for ‘Roswell That Ends Well’

  • How to draw characters 1. Fry 2. Leela

  • Still Gallery

  • Deleted scene from Roswell That Ends Well, Future Stock, The 30% Iron Chef

  • Easter Egg – Alternative Show Opening Quotes

  • Animatics for Anthology of Interest, Part II

  • Here is a look at the art work and the synopsis taken from the press release...

    Forget all the pizza deliveries, forget the explorations of new planets, forget beer and cigars… (Well, maybe not the beer and cigars…) Leela, Fry and Bender are in love! Season 3 brings a heart shape haze round the Planet Express spaceship as all three characters have their eyes opened to the world of the opposite sex!

    In Bendless Love, the lovely Angleyne, a curvaceous fembot wins over the love chip of Bender! For the first time we see Bender using his somewhat backward logic to get more than the nearest whiskey. He meets Angleyne whilst spending time at the bending factory with his friend Flexo, trying to overcome his uncontrollable need to bend! In true Bender style we see him impressing her by bending the unbendable girder of Flexo’s head…

    Leela also meets up with an old flame Dr Adlai in The Cyber House Rules. In an attempt to win Leela back, the doctor operates on her to give her two eyes! Will she keep her new vision of the world and her man? Not if Fry has anything to do with it!

    But, Fry has his own fun as he is seduced by virtual woman, Liubot (voice guest appearance from Lucy Liu - Charlie’s Angels, Ally McBeal) in I Dated A Robot. Fry immediately falls for her, much to the annoyance of the other female members of the crew who try to steal the virtual head of the futuristic vixen! Revenge is sweet in Futurama and suddenly the city is covered in Lucy Liu downloads…!

    Season 3 is a must-buy addition to Matt Groening’s fantastically animated Fururama DVD collection. The Emmy Award™ winning series (Outstanding Animated Program – Roswell That Ends Well) has four discs and each are cyber-packed with value added material including Easter eggs, deleted scenes and hilarious commentary from both the creators and the voice talent. Also, for creative viewers there is a step-by-step guide on how to draw Fry and Leela, as well as galleries of the early and current drawings of our favourite Futurama characters.

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