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Fox delivers The Transporter this June

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of The Transporter for June 2nd 2003. For the retail price of £17.99 you can expect the following features...

  • Anamorphic Widescreen transfer
  • English DD5.1 Audio
  • English HOH subtitles
  • Feature length commentary by Jason Statham and producer Steven Chasman
  • Making of featurette
  • Three extended fight scenes with optional commentary
Here is a look at the DVD artwork and some details from the press release...

The Transporter (Jason Statham, Lock, Stock…, The Italian Job) is a man as precise as the car he drives, a disciplined and well-oiled machine that will take anything from here to there for a price. He lives by three rules:

1. Once the deal is negotiated, it cannot be changed
2. No names
3. Never open the package.

The Transporter has made a comfortable living for himself living on the French Riviera, even under the watchful eye of a local police inspector named Tarconi (François Berléand, Comment J’ai Tue Mon Pere). However when he discovers the package in his boot contains something alive and writhing to get out, he breaks his own rule No. 3 and opens the bag.

As soon as the beautiful Lai Kwai (Qi Shu) appears struggling from his cargo, his rules disappear one by one, along with his well-ordered life. By compromising the rules he deems vital for his survival, the British Ex-Pat’s skills are put to the test through a series of meticulously timed car chases, an oil slick of stylish fight scenes, and a cargo-load of spectacular getaways.

Combining the hallmarks and skills of a world-class writer-producer, Luc Besson (Leon, The 5th Element, La Femme Nikita), and the expertise of Hong Kong Director Corey Yuen (the master of martial arts with 43 movies to his credit including Kiss of the Dragon), The Transporter has some fantastically choreographed fight scenes. Stunning cinematography of the golden French Riviera also provides a handsome backdrop for the film’s similarly attractive protagonists.

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