Sink trailer: A British independent film full of heart

With the summer blockbusters rolling out thick and fast it's easy to overlook some of the smaller independent films trying to find an audience as superhero films and action movies dominate multiplex screens. Sink is a British independent film that tells a story many families in the UK can no doubt relate to given the stark changes to the economy following the 2007 financial crash. Give the trailer for Sink above a watch and see what you think.

Shot mainly in South East London, it’s about Micky Mason, a skilled manual worker who, since the Crash, can find nothing but menial zero hours jobs. He takes a course of action that is completely out of character, but it’s the only way he can see of keeping his family together. It is about surviving, but it’s not all anguish and despair - it’s also warm and tender, and funny. It's about people finding their way through. It’s about Micky Mason; a man out there, right now, doing his best.

Mark Gillis writes and directs his first feature while also featuring in the cast, which also stars Martin Herdman, Ian Hogg, Marlene Sidaway, Tracy Wilkinson, Josh Herdman.

Sink will no doubt be on a small run upon release but it will reach UK cinemas on June 22nd 2018.

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