7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut

   Sat   26/5   Comedy Central @ 23:00

A profanity filled movie causes uproar that leads to a war between American and Canada, and South Park, Colorado is ground zero. This is the most underrated and ingenious musical film ever made. Seriously. It's intelligent yet hilarious, utter filth and packed full of digs at censorship, racism, social mores and America itself. Plus, it has songs that will stay in your head forever.

The Hunter   Sun   27/5   BBC2 @ 00:30

Red Leaf is an unscrupulous bio-tech company that requires the DNA of a very rare Tasmanian Tiger so they send a skilled and solitary hunter to collect it. Willem Dafoe is excellent as the lead in this intelligent, mature and beautiful looking thriller, with supporting from the always reliable Frances O'Connor and Sam Neill.

Princess Mononoke   Sun   27/5   Film4 @ 01:15

While looking for a cure to a deadly curse, a young warrior becomes caught up in a battle between forest gods and encroaching humanity. Princess Mononoke is an absolutely stunning piece of anime and a damning indictment of the damage big industries are having on the world's environment.

Ghost Dog : The Way of the Samurai   Tues   29/5   Film4 @ 23:25

Ghost Dog (Forest Whitaker) is a mafia hitman who bases his code of ethics on ancient samurai ways. When a hit goes wrong he must defend himself against is former employers. Jim Jarmusch's unique thriller radiates cool with a cast that includes John Tormey, Cliff Gorman, Frank Minucci and Henry Silva and contains an amazing soundtrack.

Great Expectations   Wed   30/5   BBC2 @ 12:35

A poverty stricken young boy Pip (played respectively by Anthony Wager and John Mills) in 19th century England comes in contact with both a criminal and an eccentric old woman and these acquaintances change the course of his life. This 1946 film adapted from Charles Dickens' novel is a masterpiece; a moving and thoughtful look at loss, loneliness, poverty and society. Amazing cast too led by Mills, Jean Simmons, Finlay Currie, Martita Hunt and Alec Guinness.

The People Under the Stairs   Thurs   31/5    Horror Channel @ 22:55

Fool (Brandon Adams), Leroy (Ving Rhames) and Spenser (Jeremy Roberts) break into their landlord's home to burgle the place as revenge for being evicted. What they find inside is far from what they expected. Wes Craven's 1991 horror is an extremely entertaining affair, disgustingly bloody and funny but unafraid to shy away from themes of class and patriarchal control.

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?   Fri   1/6   TCM @ 18:20

Two ageing sisters, Jane (Bette Davis) and Blanche Hudson (Joan Crawford) live together in their dilapidated Hollywood mansion and wage psychological warfare on each other as their mental and physical health deteriorates. Robert Aldrich's stunner is packed full of black humour, Davis and Crawford are utterly brilliant as they shared their off-screen rivalry onscreen.

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