Arcadia trailer: Director Paul Wright dreams of Britain

British director Paul Wright's début film For Those in Peril, was a beautifully written piece set in rural Scotland mostly overlooked on release in 2013. Wright hasn't been seen since but he returns with a powerful and enigmatic looking documentary that has been created in collaboration with the BFI. The two minute trailer for Arcadia alone is enchanting enough which bodes well for the full length version, and you can watch it above right now.

Using a mixture of film and TV footage from the BFI National Archive and regional archives around the UK, it is a mosaic of contrasting images, sounds and moods, taking in folk carnivals and masked parades, hunting and harvesting, communes and raves, mechanisation, environmental issues, fires, floods, storms and much more.

Arcadia reinds us what happens when our connection to nature, and indeed each other, frays and unravels. By exploring and asking ourselves what we have gained and lost in the last century, perhaps we will discover something of what we'll need to survive in the next.

Adrian Utley from Portishead and Will Gregory from Goldfrapp come together to work on the score,

Arcadia will be released by the BFI in selected cinemas UK-wide and on BFI Player on June 21st 2018, followed by a BFI DVD/Blu-ray release on 20 August.

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