Fox delay their future X-Men slate. New dates for New Mutants and Dark Phoenix

Twentieth Century Fox

have announced changes to their upcoming X-Men universe film release dates pushing them both back a number of months.

Firstly, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which continues the main X-Men series has been moved back from November 2018 to 14th February 2019. No reason has been given - maybe they thought it was the perfect Valentine's day film, or maybe it needs more work to get it into a position where Fox are happy to release.

New Mutants is far more disappointing to us - the initial teaser suggested a taught horror in the X-universe and looked like the shake up that the series needs. It was originally due for release this April (yes, next month) but got pushed back to 22nd February 2019. This new delay pushes the film back again to a release date of 19 August 2019 - almost 18 months after it's originally scheduled date. Initial reports around the first delay hinted that Fox wanted to make the film even more horror focussed given a resurgence in horror cinema, this latest delay could just be to give Dark Phoenix some breathing space, or it could be a hint that Fox still aren't quite happy with the film

These changes mean that the only film set in the wider X-Men universe to hit cinemas in 2018 will be Deadpool 2.

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