7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

My Brother the Devil

   Sat   3/3   BBC1 @ 23:55

Mo and Rashid are Muslim brothers growing up in Hackney. Rashid is in a gang and doesn't want that life for his younger brother. He also has a big secret that's not exactly compatible with his religion. A beautiful looking feature debut, by writer-director Sally El Hosaini, that tells an all-too familiar story but with its own unique slant on things. James Floyd and Fady Elsayed as the two brothers both give committed and genuine performances.

Carol   Mon   5/3   Film4 @ 21:00

In 1950s New York, two women of very different social status meet and fall in love, with the social mores of the day a major barrier to their happiness. A magnificent film that fully deserves the critical acclaim it received. It's a compelling and utterly heartbreaking watch that contains two fantastic performances from Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara. Kyle Chandler as always adds a touch of class too.

Ravenous   Tues   6/3   Horror Channel @ 00:25

In the 19th century a frostbitten stranger turns up at an army fort claiming to be the only survivor of a wagon train that got lost in the mountains. Antonia Bird's darkly comic horror thriller is a ferociously entertaining watch but it might be too much for the more squeamish. Cracking cast in this, including a brilliant Robert Carlyle as the stranger and also containing Guy Pearce, Jeremy Davies and John Spencer all on good form.

Memento   Wed   7/3   BBC1 @ 23:45

A man with no short term memory searches for his wife's murderer. It sounds so simple, except it's far from it. This is the film that made Christopher Nolan famous and rightly so. It's a magnificent thriller and one which demands your utmost attention as it's non linear plot can be slightly confusing. Guy Pearce in the lead role is great and gets fine back up from Carrie-Anne Moss and Joe Pantoliano.

The East   Thur   8/3   CH4 @ 01:25

A young woman goes undercover and joins an anarchist group who are attacking major American corporations. It doesn't take long before she begins to question her own beliefs and motives. Brit Marling is really good in this entertaining, tense and thought provoking film that asks some solid questions about modern day values. Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgård as her follow anarchists are excellent as always.

What's Up, Doc?   Thur   8/3   TCM @ 13:05

Usually I'd run a mile from any Barbra Streisand film but this one is an utter hoot. Set in San Francisco, this is a proper old fashioned screwball comedy set in motion by a luggage mix-up. The cast is led by Ryan O'Neal and Streisand and both are in top form, charming and good fun. Record this for when you're having an awful day and need something to cheer yourself up.

Captain America : The Winter Soldier   Fri   9/3   BBC1 @ 23:05

Captain America returns in his second film and finds out that allies he once trusted have far reaching and sinister plans for the people of earth. For my money, this is the best of all the films Marvel studios has released so far. Yes, it's full of CGI and action but it feels considered and mature as well, with more than a hint of 70s paranoiac thriller about it. Chris Evans is great as Cap and gets cracking support from Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, and Robert Redford.

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