8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

The Heat   Sat   24/2   E4 @ 21:00

While on the trail of a big time drug dealer, an uptight FBI agent gets paired with a Boston cop who couldn't possibly be more different to her. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy make a brilliantly mismatched pair in this very entertaining and profane comedy thriller. It's broad, crude and will offend some but it's well worth a watch. Jane Curtin and, the always solid, Michael Rapaport are fun in support.

American Mary   Sat   24/2   Film4 @ midnight

A broke medical student discovers an unusual way to make extra money and finds herself in some very dark places as a result. This 2012 dark drama/horror starring Katherine Isabelle is a highly effective piece of work. Be warned though, it should probably only be watched by those with a strong constitution but if you can go with it you'll discover a unique little story that will open your eyes to a whole other world.

Clouds of Sils Maria   Sun   25/2   BBC4 @ 21:30

An actress revisits the play that made her career 20 years ago but this time she's taking an older role and it forces her to re-evaluate things. Juliette Binoche is an actress that just makes it all look effortless and is sublime in the lead role here with some fantastic support from Kirsten Stewart and Chloë Grace Moretz. A beautiful looking movie that was filmed on location in the Alps. This is a grown up, emotional psychological drama and well worth watching.

Valerie   Mon   26/2   TCM @ 17:15

Set during a murder trial in the old west, three very different testimonies are heard but which one is the truth? This is a strange film, a mystery western noir with a touch of Rashômon would be one way to describe it. Anita Ekberg and Sterling Hayden are both superb, Hayden gives his usual prickly performance, while Ekberg is a woman who isn't what she seems in a bleak, compelling and surprising film.

Black Swan   Tues   27/2   Film4 @ 23:25

Darren Aronofsky's blackly funny and utterly terrifying tale of obsession and jealousy in the world of ballet. Natalie Portman in a career best role plays Nina, a would-be prima ballerina whose success is suddenly threatened when another dancer, Lily, (Mila Kunis) appears on the scene. The perfect film to watch when you want feel uncomfortable, nauseous and disorientated all at once. Magnificent stuff.

Pitch Black   Wed   28/2   Syfy @ 21:00

A transport ship, carrying a murderer, crashes on a barren desert planet. The survivors are busy worrying about him and finding water that little do they realise as night falls their problems will get a whole lot worse. This Vin Diesel led sci-fi horror is a cracking watch. A nail-biter of a watch filled with a cast of characters you'll actually care about, including Radha Mitchell, Keith David and Cole Hauser.

Cherry Falls   Fri   2/3   Horror Channel @ 21:00

A serial killer is targeting virgins in a small town, aptly named Cherry Falls. The only way to survive is to lose your virginity as fast as possible. Sounds crass, however, it's far from it. This is a funny, intelligent and subversive satire on modern horror that really works. The late Brittany Murphy is great in the lead and gets fine support from Michael Biehn and Jay Mohr. Due to censorship issues, it was never given a full theatrical release in the States, their loss, as it's an underrated little gem.

A Hijacking   Fri   2/3   BBC2 @ 23:55

The crew of a Danish ship is taken hostage by Somalian pirates and they find out exactly what their lives are worth when negotiations begin between the hijackers and the ship owners. This 2012 thriller is a tense knuckle-biter, and far more subtle than you'd initially think it would be and is an excellent and really unsettling look at what people under pressure will do. Pilou Asbæk (Game of Thrones) is great in the lead.

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