Family Guy Season 3 arrives in July

Fox Home Entertainment have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Family Guy Season 3 for July 21st with a retail price of £24.99. Featuring all 21 episodes from Season 3 of the Emmy Award winning animated show spread over 3 discs you can expect plenty of laughs to be had though the complete lack of bonus features may disappoint. The actual show will be presented in the original Full Screen aspect ratio with English DD5.1 audio (Fox PR have confirmed this with us).

Here is a rundown of the included episodes and another look at the artwork...

Disc 1

1) The Thin White Line
2) Brian Does Hollywood
3) Mr Griffin Goes To Washington
4) One If By Claim, Two If By Sea
5) And The Weiner Is…
6) Death Lives
7) Lethal Weapons

Disc 2

8) The Kiss Seen Around The World
9) Mr Saturday Night
10) A Fish Out Of Water
11) Emission Impossible
12) To Live And Die In Dixie
13) Screwed The Pooch
14) Peter Griffin: Husband, Father or Brother?

Disc 3

15) Ready Willing and Disabled
16) A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas
17) Brian Wallows And Peter’s Swallows
18) From Method To Madness
19) Stuck Together, Torn Apart
20) Road To Europe
21) Family Guy Viewer Mail #1

The following is taken fom the press release...

Jam-packed with pop culture references, this ingenious series will have your sides splitting with clever comic satire and wit.

Seth McFarlene is the voice star and creator of the uproarious Griffin family! The dysfunctional Griffins are Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Joe, Stewie, and not forgetting their Martini-swilling dog Brian. The family format centres around Peter and Brian’s drinking binges, Lois and Meg’s struggle against the disgraceful men in their lives and Stewie, a highly intelligent 1-year-old, generally trying to kill off his parents and attempting to take over the world!

This quality series includes riotous stunts including Stewie’s vile attempt to stop his father from producing any more sperm! As a plan to ensure no further spread of the Griffin genepool, we see Stewie actually enter the body of his father! Meanwhile, Brian ends up in court after fathering illegitimate puppies, Joe has an accidental experience on steroids, and Meg finds a new boyfriend from an ‘all American’ nudist family!

With additional voice talent from Seth Green (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Austin Powers) as Chris Griffin, this highly celebrated adult cartoon already boasts a large dedicated fanbase and is a must-buy for any fan of The Simpson’s, King of the Hill and South Park.

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