Erm, Comical Ali DVD is heading your way this July!

And the award for the most bizarre (and pointless) DVD announcement goes to the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation who sent through the press release for their July 7th Region 0 DVD release of Comical Ali that will retail at £9.99. To find out exactly what this DVD is all about then you will have to browse the press release, as I really don't feel like summarising it myself...

Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation



The media throws up unlikely heroes, men or women that touch us, those that triumph in the face of hardship and adversity, those that strike a resonant note in these beleaguered times. And the last 12 months has given us one such man, a warrior of unshakeable belief, a titan amongst publicists, a hero for the modern media age. The undisputed heavyweight champion of PR, the Sultan of Spin, ladies and gentlemen – we bring you the Iraqi information minister!

The world stands united in admiration for him, Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf – a legend of the modern media age. And now you too can own the uncensored, blow by blow very greatest hits. Not only do you get to own a piece of history, but you also get to laugh your ass off.

Relive every bizarre moment, time and time again! Classic moments, news reports and lots of big explosions, alongside timeless quotes such as:

"Our initial assessment is that they will all die"

"I blame Al-Jazeera - they are marketing for the Americans!”

"Rumsfeld, he needs to be hit on the head"

(Is Saddam Hussein still alive?)
"I will only answer reasonable questions"

“They are nowhere near the airport, they are lost in the desert...they can not read a compass...they are retarded."

Websites, dolls, societies, rumours of Hollywood stars lining up to play him- even babies being named after him – Comical Ali is a legend!

When the laughter subsides, one can’t help but want to reach out to Mohammed and give him a big hug. I mean what the hell choice did he have, when asked about his esteemed leader, he had this to say.

"Lying is forbidden in Iraq. President Saddam Hussein will tolerate nothing but truthfulness, as he is a man of great honour and integrity. Everyone is encouraged to speak freely of the truths evidenced in their eyes and hearts."

Poor guy… so honour his memory by buying this video!

10% of all profits go to the Red Cross for Third World aid – feel good about yourself!

Comical Ali is released on DVD & VHS £9.99 by the Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation and can be ordered now on

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