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Buena Vista Home Entertainment

have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of Treasure Planet for July 7th 2003 with a retail price of £19.99. The film will be presented in 1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with English DD5.1 audio and a range of bonus materials that weigh up like so...

  • RLS Legacy - Take a 3D tour of the Legacy learn about what went into building the RLS Legacy and fun facts about ships. Navigate your way through an interactive Treasure Hunt to collect 8 hidden mapballs.
  • DisneyPedia: The Life of a Pirate Revealed - Explore the fascinating world of Pirates including Pirate Definitions, Pirate Ships, Codes of Conduct and real Pirates.
  • Story Art Gallery - See original artwork in this still frame gallery
  • Character Galleries - Still art galleries of the animated stars of Treasure Planet including Jim Hawkins, John Silver, Captain Amelia, Morph, and many more
  • Still Art Galleries - See original artwork from Visual Development, Paintings and Moments throughout the film
  • The Brandywine School - A short featurette about the style of an old Pennsylvania art school. The film makers went back and studied the Brandywine look and style
  • The 70/30 Law - Director Ron Clements explain the 70/30 law that resulted in the animation of being a blend of traditional and science fiction worlds
  • 3D/2D World - An interview with the film’s directors and producer about how they successfully merged the three dimensional and two dimensional worlds
  • Maquettes - A featurette on the small statuettes created for reference purposes. Hear from the various character sculptors about the importance of maquettes
  • Disney’s Animation Magic - Hosted by Roy Disney, this is a back stage tour of how Treasure Planet was made. With introductions to The Hook Test, Maquettes, the Silver Animation Progression and a series of Deleted Scenes
  • The Hook Test - A segment showing how the filmakers mixed traditional animation and CG animation to create John Silver
  • Dr Delbert Doppler - Sergio Pablas, Supervising Animator for Delbert Doppler discusses the character and how he came to be half human, half dog
  • Silver Animation Progression - A look at the approach taken to animate Long John Silver and the various stages of development the character went through before arriving at the final version that appears in the film
  • Pencil Animation: Amelia’s Cabin - See some of the early pencil designs for Captain Amelia
  • Rough Animation to Final Film Comparison - John Ripa, Supervising Animator talks through the split screen comparison of the rough animation of a scene and how it appeared in the final film
  • Deleted Scenes - The directors John Musker and Ron Clements explain why these scenes were deleted and how they differ from the final film. Scenes featured are: Original Prologue: Adult Jim, Original Sequence: Jim meets Ethan and Alternate Ending: Re-building the Benbow Inn
  • Colour Keys Gallery - Still art gallery featuring several colour keys used in developing the film
  • Layout Demonstrations - Learn what layouts are and why they are so important to the film
  • Treasure Planet Found - Find out what the core of Treasure Planet really is
  • Lighting - Discover how lighting affects animation, colour and environments
  • Pose Camera - Learn about the camera that was used to blend the two dimensional characters into a three dimensional world
  • Effects Animation - Go behind the scenes to see the special effects used to create the water, sails and fire
  • I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme) Music Video - See the video to Jim’s Theme
  • Treasure Island Trailer - Watch the theatrical trailer for the film

    Here is a look at the DVD artwork and the promotional text from the press release...

    Buckle up for thrills and excitement as the makers of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin give the timeless tale Treasure Island a contemporary twist to entertain a whole new generation time and time again. ‘Treasure Planet’ is Disney’s latest all new action packed adventure available on Disney DVD and video from 7 July 2003.

    The breathtaking adaptation combines a futuristic sci-fi theme with the 17th century in which the Robert Louis Stevenson story is set. ‘Treasure Planet’ swaps the ship for a solar powered spaceship in the shape of a 17th century galleon, the sea for the etherium (a breathable space ocean) and the swashbuckling pirate known as John Silver for a one eyed half man half machine Cyborg.

    ‘Treasure Planet’ is set against a backdrop of stunning computer enhanced animation and features entertaining characters who will make you laugh as well as tug at your heart strings. Jim Hawkins is the feisty teenager who sets off on an amazing expedition to find the legendary treasure. He is joined by a colourful group of characters including the mischievous but lovable Morph and B. E. N, the hyperactive rickety robot who has literally lost his mind. More than the greatest treasure hunt of all time, it is also a story of friendship, courage and self discovery, a treasure more valuable than Jim could have ever imagined.

    Story Synopsis
    Jim Hawkins is from the planet Montressor. He’s fifteen, out of control and unhappy. That is until he sparks an intergalactic treasure hunt when he’s given a 3D holographic map by Billy Bones, an alien turtle that crash lands near his home, The Benbow Inn.

    As The Benbow Inn is ransacked and burnt down by pirates in search of the map, Jim flees with his mother and family friend Dr Delbert Doppler. Safe from the harm, Jim discovers that the map leads to ‘Treasure Planet’, where the greatest pirate treasure trove in the universe – the legendary loot of a thousand worlds – is hidden. For Jim, it presents not only the opportunity to rebuild The Benbow Inn but to also embark on the biggest adventure of his life!

    The film follows his incredible journey to locate the treasure in a solar powered space galleon captained by the clever Captain Amelia. Aboard the RLS Legacy he befriends the charismatic Cyborg pirate cook John Silver and his comical blobby sidekick Morph. Under Silver’s guidance, Jim flourishes displaying the makings of a fine space explorer. Spectacularly animated supernovas, black holes and fierce space storms are just some of the dangers that Jim must overcome. As the crew draws closer to Treasure Planet, the stakes are raised. Lurking in the background is a danger that Jim had never imagined – that of theft, mutiny and betrayal.

    Voice Talent
    A cast of top actors bring the story of ‘Treasure Planet’ to life. Oscar winning British actress Emma Thompson supplies the clipped tones of Captain Amelia whilst star of TV sitcom ‘Frasier’ David Hyde Pierce voices Dr Delbert Doppler. Actor Martin Short lends his comic talents to the hilarious bunch of bolts named B. E. N. and Laurie Metcalf (of TV comedy ‘Roseanne’) is the voice of Jim’s mother Sarah. Stage actor Brian Murray performs as John Silver with Joseph Gordon-Levitt cast as the hero Jim Hawkins.

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