Dances with Wolves Danish R2 SE with DTS! - UPDATE

Following on from the recent DVD Times news article (submitted by DVD Times regular Bradavon) regarding the 4th August 2003 Danish R2 SE release of Dances with Wolves, Bradavon took it upon himself to e-mail Scanbox to answer a few questions we have been wondering about. He asked them:

1. Will the DVD have forced Danish subtitles when watching in English?, just like some French and German DVD's. I mean by this they cannot be turned off despite being player generated.

2. Will the Native American in Dances with Wolves be translated into English (with subtitles) or will this be only subtitled in Danish?.

I would think the native American would be subtitled in English but burnt into the picture and the user can then enable Danish subtitles over the top of these to read in Danish, if they wish too.

3. Is it true the DVD will only have Danish subtitles?

Scanbox have kindly replied to my e-mail stating the following:

The answers to your questions:

1. The subs are not forced, you can turn them off. (you can do this on all of our dvd's )

2. The Native American language will be translated into local language ( danish ) so if you turn subs off their speak will not be subtitled. English is not burned into the picture

3. The dvd's will contain danish, norwegian, swedish and finnish subtitles - extra features are not subtitled.

Basically it appears no English subtitles (of any type) will be available. Which means unless you can understand the Native American in this film or can read Danish, Norweigian, Swedish or Finnish subtitles, you will have to go with the recent R1 SE (which does have English subtitles for the Native American), shown here.

This at least is still a very nice package but not quite up there with the Danish R2 SE.Source: Scanbox Customer ServicesSubmitted by: bradavon

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