8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Dead Calm   Sat   28/10   W @ 21:00

Following a tragedy, a couple take to the seas for a boating holiday and end up helping the survivor of a boat wreck. Of course things go sideways. This is a cracking thriller that never gets boring despite being mostly set onboard a boat. Good writing, some super acting and a lot of tension make this a gripping watch. Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill are in cracking form as the couple and Billy Zane makes for a memorable baddie.

Animal Kingdom   Sun   29/10   CH4 @ 01:10

When his mother dies a young man goes to live with his gran and his uncles. It doesn't take him long to find out that they are an unsavoury bunch. This 2010 Australian thriller is a beast of a film, wrenchingly tense in places and totally unsettling all over. Superb cast too with Jackie Weaver and Joel Edgerton who give standout performances but the film is owned by Ben Mendelsohn who creates a character that will haunt your dreams.

What We Do in the Shadows   Sun   29/10   BBC2 @ 23:15

A documentary crew films the lives of a group of vampires in a house share in Wellington, New Zealand. Sounds odd I know but it's also flat out brilliant. A laugh out loud comedy in parts that's sprinkled with some surprisingly bloody horror, social commentary and even a touch of pathos. Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement are perfect as two of the main vamps (as well as taking on writing and directing duties). Give this a go, it's really worth it. Film of the week for me.

The Mist   Mon   30/10   Horror Channel @ 21:00

Frank Darabont's fantastic adaption of the Stephen King story about a mysterious fog that descends on a small American town. On the surface this is a monster movie but also a takes an interesting look at the dangers of religious extremism. Thomas Jane is solid in the lead but Marcia Gay Harden steals the film with a terrifying performance. A scary, thrilling and very effective film with an ending that... well, you need to see that for yourself.

Prevenge   Tues   31/10   Film4 @ 22:40

In the seventh month of her pregnancy a woman starts doing things pregnant women don't usually do. Starring writer-director Alice Lowe (who was really pregnant) this a cracking bit of low budget black comedy/horror. A clever and unique film too that will keep you guessing at its twists and turns. Hard one to talk about without giving the plot away so just believe me when I say it's worth watching.

American Ultra   Wed   1/11   Film4 @ 21:00

A permanently stoned store clerk finds himself the target of numerous assassination attempts and he has to clear his head to try and figure out why. Jesse Eisenberg is fun as the clerk in question and far less annoying than usual. A funny and, in places, pretty vicious bit of silliness that will keep you entertained for 100 minutes. Kirsten Stewart, Connie Britton and Walton Goggins are solid too.

The Naked Spur   Thur   2/11   TCM @ 16:55

Whilst pursuing a killer, a bounty hunter is forced to hire partners who don't exactly rate highly on the trustworthy scale. A gripping, exciting and, for the time, pretty nasty western that was yet another successful partnership between director Anthony Mann and star James Stewart. Western stalwart Robert Ryan is a great baddie and the climax of this 64 year-old film is still influencing movies to this day.

Severance   Fri   3/11   The Horror Channel @ 21:00

Whilst on their way to a company retreat in the wilds of Hungary the employees of a weapon company find themselves fighting for their lives. OK, I know the fact that Danny Dyer is in this will put a lot of people off but if you can get over your hatred for him you'll find this to be a highly entertaining comedy/horror/thriller that subverts cliches and tropes cleverly. Andy Nyman and Laura Harris in support add to the fun.

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