7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Brighton Rock   Sat   23/9   BBC2 @ 23:00

A young gang leader murders a man and then marries the only witness to keep her quiet. Understandably, people aren't too happy about the arrangement. This 2010 adaption of the famous novel is solid stuff and adds its own touch of style to the original story. Sam Riley and Andrea Riseborough are good as the leads but as in everything she appears in, Helen Mirren steals the film from underneath them.

Ravenous   Sun   24/9   Horror Channel @ 21:00

In the 19th century a frostbitten stranger turns up at an army fort claiming to be the only survivor of a wagon train that got lost in the mountains. Antonia Bird's darkly comic horror thriller is a ferociously entertaining watch but it might be too much for the more squeamish out there. Cracking cast in this, including Robert Carlyle who plays the stranger brilliantly, and Guy Pearce, Jeremy Davies and John Spencer are all on good form too.

Falling Down   Sun   24/9   ITV4 @ 22:00

A man frustrated with life loses his mind and starts lashing out at everything he sees as wrong with the world. A dark, funny and ultimately terrifying look at modern day masculinity. Michael Douglas is amazing in the lead role with Robert Duvall in great likeable form as the detective in pursuit of him. Solid support from Tuesday Weld, Barbara Hershey and Frederic Forrest is the icing on the cake.

Footsteps in the Fog   Mon   25/9   Film4 @ 13:20

Jean Simmons and Stewart Granger star in this noirish thriller set in early 20th century London about a maid who discovers dodgy things about her employer and decides to blackmail him. Well worth a watch if you are a fan of Hitchcock, especially his earlier ones. This is cracking stuff; clever, full of lovely twists and turns, and very well acted by both of its stars.

Serenity   Wed   27/9   Syfy @ 21:00

The space ship Serenity and its crew find themselves in danger when they realise one of their passengers is quite special. This film is a continuation of the TV show Firefly but it's also a standalone film that can be enjoyed even with no knowledge of the show. Exciting, upsetting, hilarious and brilliantly acted with a super cast. Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk and Jewel Staite all hit the spot.

In a Lonely Place   Thurs   28/9   Film4 @ 13:05

A screenwriter is accused of murder until his neighbour gives him an alibi but even then she begins to have her own doubts. A cracking slice of film noir right here. It's smart and suspenseful, nicely cynical stuff and full of depth and undertones that were rare for the time. The storyline is compelling and the characters are well formed and realistic. Gloria Grahame and Humphrey Bogart are both excellent. Well worth recording.

Starry Eyes   Fri   29/9   Horror Channel @ 21:00

A young aspiring actress in Hollywood is willing to go to any lengths to ensure she becomes a star of the silver screen. This is a dark and twisted cautionary tale about the dangers of ambition and greed. It's also a pretty damn great little horror film that will probably leave you horrified when the credits roll so be warned, it's nasty. Alex Essoe in the lead is very good and someone to look out for in the future.

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