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have updated their official website to include details on their July 8th 2003 Region 1 DVD release of Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Woman, a wacky but utterly wonderful film from Japanese director Katsuhito Ishii that stars the always superb Tadanobu Asano who I'm sure most will now recognise through his turn as Kakihara in the recent Ichi The Killer.

Details on the disc are as follows...

  • Anamorphic Widescreen transfer
  • Original Japanese language with optional English subtitles
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Trailer Gallery

Sadly we have no confirmation on the sound format though can only hope for a DD5.1 audio track to do the film justice. Retail is $29.95.

Here is a look at the DVD artwork and the synopsis as seen on the Kino website...

An outrageous contemporary Japanese genre-mongrel, Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl combines sentimental Yakuza gangster machismo with the fatalistic romance of the road movie and the deadpan irreverence of vanguard Asian action cinema. Director Katsuhito Ishii pulls out all the stops in re-imagining Minetaro Mochizuki's popular Manga comic book for the screen, creating an avalanche of giddily graphic violence and a melee of offbeat gun-crazy characters.

Distracted by the sight of a handsome, nearly naked man sprinting across a winding mountain road, Toshiko (Shie Kohinata) inadvertently interrupts a mob execution by crashing her car into a limo full of eccentric assassins. Fresh from a frenzied ménage à trois, Belmondo-cool Samehada (Tadanobu Asano; Taboo, Ichii the Killer) seduces Toshiko into a life-or-death race with an army of mob killers joined by a moon-walking, love-struck amateur hit man dispatched by Toshiko's depraved uncle.

From the Yakuza assassins' color-coordinated guns to the shadow-dappled forests in which the film is set, Shark Skin Man and Peach Hip Girl bursts with an urgently hypnotic collision of wild styles and flights of visual imagination.

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