7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

The Master   Sun   6/8   Film4 @ 01:10

A WWII veteran struggling to adjust to civilian life finds solace in the arms of a religious movement that accepts him for what he is. Paul Thomas Anderson's movie is definitely not for everyone but if you can stick with it you'll find it a very rewarding experience. Joaquin Phoenix is super in the lead but the film belongs to the much missed Philip Seymour Hoffman as the man in charge. Amy Adams is also pretty much perfect in this.

The King's Speech   Sun   6/8   Channel 4 @ 21:50

The story of King George VI, the man who did not want to be King and the man who helped him overcome his physical affliction so he could lead his country in war time. A brilliantly entertaining film, one that will make you laugh and choke up, sometimes at the same time. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush are great as the King and his therapist and Helena Bonham Carter gives a lovely warm performance as Queen Elizabeth.

American History X   Mon   7/8   ITV4 @ 22:00

A former skinhead is released from prison and sets out to stop his younger brother from making the same mistakes he did but his past still haunts him. Edward Norton is excellent in this harsh, often nasty but gripping, and at times very hard to watch, look at the evils of racism and bigotry and its far reaching effects. Beverly D'Angelo and Edward Furlong are on fire in supporting roles too.

Black Rock   Wed   9/8   Channel 4 @ 01:30

Three lifelong friends go away for on a camping weekend to a deserted island to become close once again. It's not a spoiler to say things go seriously wrong for them. A survival thriller and one that actually seems pretty realistic for once. Tense, exciting, well-acted stuff and with well developed characters that you will actually want to see survive. Managed to mostly avoid clichés too. Lake Bell, Kate Bosworth and Katie Aselton make up the very solid leads.

Wild   Thurs   10/8   Film4 @ 21:00

In an effort to jolt herself back to life after her mother dies, a woman embarks on a hike along the full length of America's west coast. Reese Witherspoon is absolutely fantastic in this, as good as she's ever been. Darkly funny in places and harrowing in others but a film that will suck you in and demand you watch and all based on a true story.

Murder Most Foul   Fri   11/8   TCM @ 15:00

After she causes a mistrial in a murder case due to disagreeing with the rest of the jury, Miss Marple joins a local theatre group to snare the person whom she thinks is the real culprit. A great whodunnit, funny and well made with a lovely little story. You can't beat a Miss Marple film, they are just pure comfort food for the eyes. Margaret Rutherford, as always, is excellent in the lead role with a super cast of British faces in support.

Demons   Fri   11/8   Horror Channel @ 22:55

A group of people find themselves trapped in a cinema in Rome when the film onscreen begins to bleed into the real world. A brilliantly entertaining piece of 80s Euro horror. Cheesy as hell, full of plot holes, ropey acting and disgusting gore but so much fun and with a cracking soundtrack. Bobby Rhodes and Geretta Geretta as Tony the Pimp and Rosemary respectively give performances you will literally never forget. Hahaha. A perfect beer film.

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