8 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

As Above, So Below   Sun   30/7   Film4 @ 00:40

A group of explorers venture into the maze-like catacombs below Paris and they find strange unexpected things in the darkness. This is one full blooded horror film right here; claustrophobic, intense, jumpy and nerve shredding. If you are afraid of small spaces don't even bother with this. If you aren't then you'll enjoy it, well no, 'enjoy' is the wrong word but you'll be glad you watched. Perdita Weeks in the lead role is excellent.  

Pride   Sun   30/7   BBC2 @ 22:00

Gay activists and striking coal miners become unlikely partners in 1980s England when both find themselves suffering under the yoke of Margaret Thatcher. An excellent drama that's both upsetting, inspiring and is a cracking little history lesson to boot. Ben Schnetzer, Joseph Gilgun, and Imelda Staunton, amongst others are excellent but Bill Nighy is just superb in a true story that you'll be absolutely glued to.

The Night of the Hunter   Mon   31/7   TCM @ 15:00

Southern gothic par excellence as two young children go on the run after their mother's murder with an evil preacher on their trail. Robert Mitchum is just excellent in this. I'd go so far to say as it's a career best performance, he's an utterly terrifying and malevolent presence. I hesitate to call this a horror film but it's definitely a dark and scary fairy tale - a glorious looking one too. This is a film that will stick with you.

Harry Brown   Mon   31/7   ITV4 @ 22:05

An elderly widowed man lives a miserable existence on a drug-addled London housing estate. The death of a close friend is the final straw for him. Michael Caine brings immense gravitas to this grimy and nasty but very gripping modern day morality tale. Liam Cunningham and Emily Mortimer are very solid in support. This is tough stuff and will be too much for some people so be warned.

Force Majeure   Tues   1/8   Film4 @ 23:10

A Swedish family in the Alps find themselves in a very confusing situation after an unexpected reaction during an avalanche. A wry, biting look at masculinity and what can go wrong with it. Cringey, darkly hilarious, upsetting and mortifying at times, its hard to watch but you won't be able to look away. Top notch acting too with two superb performances from Johannes Bah Kuhnke and Lisa Loven Kongsli. Great, original stuff.

Man Up   Wed   2/8   BBC2 @ 21:00

A woman finds herself mistaken for a blind date and decides to just go along with it to see what happens. A rom-com but one that is likeable and not sickly, one about people you will actually care about and not want to see go up in flames. This is all down to the lovely Lake Bell and the hilarious Simon Pegg. Throw in a few big laughs and a few scenes you'll watch through your fingers and it's a grand way to spend 90 mins.

Cliffhanger   Thur   3/8   ITV4 @ 23:45

A mountain climber haunted by a tragic accident is jolted into action when he finds himself being hunted by criminals in the Rocky Mountains. One of my favourite action films of the 90s. Highly entertaining stuff, thrilling, vicious and packed with beautiful scenery and villains you want to see die screaming. Sly Stallone in the lead is solid but John Lithgow steals the film with a ridiculously hammy performance. Great fun.

South Park : Bigger, Longer & Uncut   Fri   4/8   Dave @ 21:00

A small Colorado town's extreme overreaction to a cartoon leads to full scale war between North American and Canada. The feature version of the long running cartoon is brilliant fun. Full of profane poetry and big belly laughs while also being an intelligent and pointed attack on some of America's more confusing moral stances. All this and it manages to be a fantastic little musical at the same time.

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