7 Films to Watch on Freeview TV This Week

Jackie Brown   Sat   8/7   W @ 21:00

An air hostess arrested for smuggling money finds herself caught between a drug dealer and the law and decides to make something for herself. Arguably Quentin Tarantino's most accomplished and mature film to date.This lacks the blood and fireworks of his earlier films but makes up for it with glorious dialogue and acting from a superb cast fronted by Pam Grier as Jackie with Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda and Robert De Niro in fine supporting form.

Foxcatcher   Sun   9/7   BBC2 @ 21:00

Two brothers readying for the 1988 Seoul Olympics find themselves sponsored by an eccentric millionaire and move onto his estate to train. A fantastic film right here, unsettling in places, haunting and cringeworthy in others and full of amazing acting. Steve Carell owns the film with a superb performance as a very strange and troubled man but Channing Tatum really surprised me too - this film showed a very different side to him.

Crank   Mon   10/7   ITV4 @ 22:00

A man is poisoned by Chinese gangsters and has to keep his heart rate up in order to survive. This film is insane and absolutely brilliant. Jason Statham plays Chev Chelios with gusto. Whether zapping himself with electric paddles, OD-ing on Red Bull, starting fights he can't win or having very public sex, he'll do anything to stay alive. Hilarious stuff but stay away if you are squeamish or easily offended. This is not for the weak of heart.

Beau Geste   Tues   11/7   Film4 @ 14:30

Three adopted brothers who live in high society London finds themselves in the French Foreign Legion after a priceless family heirloom goes missing. Gary Cooper, Ray Milland and Robert Preston play the three and all hit the spot. A big epic film about the meaning of brotherhood. The story is compelling, the characters are great and as it was shot on location in the desert it looks fantastic too. A perfect rainy day film.

Centurion   Wed   12/7   TCM @ 21:00

A small group of Roman centurions finds themselves isolated behind enemy lines in 117AD. The Scottish tribes do not take kindly to their presence. Neil Marshall's film is great - bloody, exhilarating and exciting fun and most importantly doesn't take itself too seriously. Michael Fassbender is cracking in his first big action hero role and Olga Kurylenko is on fire as his rival who has plenty of reasons to hate these intruders.

Killing Them Softly   Thurs   13/7   Film4 @ 23:35

Brad Pitt stars in this highly entertaining and very cynical thriller as a hitman brought in by the local mafia to take care of some business. Dark, gritty and blackly funny, this is a gangster film by way of Ken Loach not Martin Scorsese. Pitt is brilliant in the lead and James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta and Richard Jenkins lend superb support. All this and it has one of the best all time final lines of dialogue in film.

Scream   Fri   14/7   Syfy @ 22;00

A masked killer stalks a small American town and sets his sights on a high school girl who is far tougher she looks. Wes Craven's loving homage to 80s slasher films is a perfect horror comedy. Hilarious in places and flat out terrifying in others. It walks a line so many other copycat films have tried to and failed including the sequels. Neve Campbell is on fire in this and carries the film perfectly. David Arquette and Courtney Cox add loads of fun too.

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