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Seven Films Worth Watching on Freeview TV This Week

Now, Voyager Sat 10/6 BBC2 @ 14:15

A repressed woman escapes her mother's influence and becomes a very different person. Bette Davis is fantastic in this, and turns in a far subtler performance than some of her other better known roles. A film that's dark in places, complex and wonderfully acted and full of dialogue you will know even if you haven't seen it before. All this and it has the coolest cigarette lighting scene in film history too.

Captain America : The Winter Soldier Sun 11/6 BBC1 @ 22:30

Captain America returns in his second film and finds out that the allies he once trusted have far reaching and sinister plans for the people of earth. For my money the best of all the films Marvel studios has released so far. Yes it's full of CGI and action but it feels considered and mature as well, and has more than a hint of a 70s paranoia thriller to it. Chris Evans is great as Cap as usual and gets cracking support from Scarlett Johansson and Robert Redford.

The Blue Lamp Mon 12/6 TCM @ 15:00

An elderly London copper who is due to retire takes on a new recruit who is more suited to the criminals of the day. Yes, it sounds like every cop-led film and TV show you've ever heard of but this was one of the first, made in 1950. Gritty for its time and accurately showing the slog of police work, this is a fine little noirish thriller buoyed by great acting from Jack Warner and, especially, Dirk Bogarde as the criminal of the piece.

Full Metal Jacket Tue 13/6 ITV4 @ 22:00

Stanley Kubrick's anti-war masterpiece follows a soldier from the hell of basic training to the hell of warfare. There's no glorification of battle or military in this film. There's only viciousness, death and the stripping away of humanity. Matthew Modine gives a career best performance as Private Joker but everyone remembers Vincent D'Onofrio as Pvt. Leonard 'Gomer Pyle' Lawrence and R. Lee Ermey as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman - the evil bastard. A stunner of a film.

Gilda Wed 14/6 Film4 @ 11:00

A small time crook is saved from certain death by a casino owner and they gradually become friends and colleagues, until a woman comes between them. OF COURSE. That woman is Gilda (Rita Hayworth) though so its totally understandable. She's the star of this nice little noir-drama. Lovely looking and surprisingly forward thinking in places, this is well worth a watch. Stellar support from Glenn Ford too.

The Lost Boys Wed 14/6 SyFy @ 21:00

A family moves to a nice beach town to start a new life and finds the place has a far darker side than they could have imagined. A film that is as 80s as they come and one that is insanely entertaining. A scary, gooey, imaginative and flat out fun take on an old tale. Brilliant cast in this too with Coreys; Haim and Feldman, Dianne Wiest, Jamie Gertz and Jason Patric but Kiefer Sutherland steals the film from all of them with a star-making role.

Cold Mountain Fri 16/6 W @ 21:00

For my money, one of the most underrated films of this century so far. A man and woman, divided by the American civil war struggle to survive in the hope they will meet again one day. A romantic, action packed and.... just a great film, full of people you want to see succeed and survive. Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Brendan Gleeson and Philip Seymour Hoffman are all super but Renée Zellweger owns the film, she's so good in this. I love this film.

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