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7 films worth watching on Freeview TV this week

Quartet Sat 27/5 BBC2 @ 22:00


A lovely comedy drama set in a rest home for retired musicians. The residents are preparing a show when a new arrival shakes up the status quo. The always excellent Maggie Smith takes the lead in this very funny and poignant film with super turns from Billy Connolly, Tom Courtenay and Pauline Collins. To be honest, I expected to hate this when I saw it first but I fell for it big time.

The Damned United Sun 28/5 BBC2 @ 22:30


A biopic of football manager Brian Clough which covers his very short tenure as manager of Leeds United. Even if you aren't a footie fan you'll enjoy this one. Clough makes for a very interesting lead character, a ball of contradiction and great to watch. Michael Sheen is excellent in the lead role and the supporting cast is a who's who of well-known British and talent. Plus, Colm Meaney who always delivers.

United 93 Sun 28/5 ITV4 @ 23:05


The true life tale of the heroic actions of the passengers of Flight 93 that was hijacked on September 11th 2001. Told in real time and using phone calls made from the plane as evidence this is terrifying but utterly compelling watch. With a cast of unknowns and fantastically directed by Paul Greengrass, this is a film that will kick you in the stomach but one you won't be able to stop watching.

Millions Mon 29/5 Film4 @ 12:50


Two young boys come across a bag of money in the aftermath of a bank robbery. And they slowly find out what people are really like when it comes to money. Danny Boyle's film is not only one for all the family but one that is far from sentimental and one that doesn't sugarcoat the realities of life. Two superb performances from the young lads lift a heartwarming and thoroughly likeable little film that will make you think

Kind Hearts And Coronets Tues 30/5 TCM @ 16:45


A man sits in prison waiting to die and recounts the story that lead him to his current precarious position in a story that takes in royalty, murder and balloons. One of Ealing Studios most famous and enjoyable films. Alec Guinness steals the limelight in this playing not one, not two but eight different roles and he's fantastic in each of them. The perfect film to record and save for a rainy Sunday.

Re-Animator Tues 30/5 Horror Channel @ 23:00


80s horror at its finest in this tale of a mad student scientist who has figured out the secret to re-animating dead flesh. Of course everything goes pear-shaped. In the goriest way possible. A very entertaining film if you have a strong stomach and a willingness to just go with the bizarre onscreen events. Jeffrey Combs has the role of a lifetime as the man with the plan. Don't watch if easily offended.

Small Soldiers Thurs 1/6 Film4 @ 18:50


Advanced missile technology accidentally causes a group of childrens toys to come to life. Not cute happy toys. Oh no, that would be too easy. This is exciting and funny stuff that is a spiritual sequel to Gremlins and packed full of knowing nods to older sci-fi, war and horror films. Plenty to keep both kids and adults happy. Superb cast too with Kirsten Dunst and Jay Mohr standing out.

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