The Pyramid Texts Review

The Pyramid Texts is a one man show starring James Cosmo, as Ray, an accomplished boxer who takes centre ring to narrate his own life story of boxing and estranged familial ties. The whole thing takes place in an empty boxing ring, surrounded by the usual gym paraphernalia. We get only a few brief montages of his son, Bomber (Cosmo's real life son, and boxer, Ethan) preparing for a fight. Ray exhibits an array of feelings from euphoria and nostalgia to guilt and remorse over the course of this (and his) film as he finally comes to terms with the loss of his son, who we presume has died in a fight.

Cosmo is simply captivating and superb as Ray. The film is a true testament to his acting ability as the film completely relies on his performance. He embodies Ray entirely, his stockiness and the lines on his face, effortlessly enhancing and convincing us of his hard slog at life, where within the ropes was a form of escape.

The film, however, does feel monotonous at certain points. Perhaps, more frequent change of scenery or some form of re-enactment would been advantageous in mixing things up a little, inject some much needed visual drama. There are some tiny glimpses, sparsely littered throughout the film, silent montages of Bomber pre and post boxing match, but overall the focus is very much on Cosmo and that becomes a bit testing to the viewer, 30 minutes in.

Choosing to shoot in black and white does allow the viewer focus in on the sound, the actor’s delivery but also on the words, highlighting the talents of the writer Geoff Thompson. Despite the film’s moments of sameness, this is a bold and commendable effort for a debut feature by Ludwig and Paul Shammasian. The Pyramid Texts eludes to the brothers' evident talent in filmmaking and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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The Pyramid Texts is available to rent now from Amazon Video and iTunes.



out of 10

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