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7 Films worth watching on Freeview TV this week

Carol Sat 29/4 Ch4 @ 21.00


Two women from very different backgrounds fall in love in New York in the 50s. As you can imagine all sorts of feathers are ruffled, especially the husband of one. A big gorgeous looking love story with cracking acting from Cate Blanchett and especially Rooney Mara. Kyle Chandler in support is good value as always. The slow pace may bother some people but this is worth sticking with until the end.

Calvary Sat 29/4 BBC2 @ 21.30


A priest's life is threatened and he spends the next week trying to figure out who his would be killer is. A dark and brooding comedy drama with a magnificent central performance from Brendan Gleeson, as the parish priest who delves into his flock for answers. Cracking support from some very well known Irish faces too including Chris O'Dowd in fine form in a rare non-comedic role. Superb Sligo scenery in this too.

Tucker And Dale Vs Evil Sun 30/4 Horror Channel @ 21.00


Fun ensues when holidaying hillbillies find themselves staying near a bunch of partying students in the woods. This takes the tropes of 80s slasher films and turns them on their heads in hilariously gooey ways. Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are good fun as a pair of initially gormless fools who then turn out to be anything but. You'll get the most out of this if you've seen Friday The 13th etc but its still great craic if you haven't.

Margin Call Mon 1/5 BBC2 @ 23.00


An excellent and quietly frightening look into the early days of a financial crash. Complicated stuff but all told in a way that gets the financial jargon across so as to not alienate the viewers. Super cast in this one and shout outs go to Kevin Spacey and Zachery Quinto but Stanley Tucci in a supporting role steals the film from all. In fairness he's usually the best thing in any film he's in. Thought provoking stuff.

The Night Of The Hunter Tues 2/5 TCM @ 15.00


Southern gothic par excellence as two young children go on the run after their mother's murder with an evil preacher on their trail. Robert Mitchum is just excellent in this. I'd go so far to say as it's a career best performance as an utterly terrifying malevolent presence. I hesitate to call this a horror film but it's definitely a dark and scary fairy tale. A glorious looking one too. Definitely my film of the week. Odd time to be on though.

The Faculty Wed 3/5 Syfy @ 22.00


Strange occurrences at a football obsessed Texas high school catch the attention of a group of students. No one believes them of course and chaos ensues. Highly entertaining stuff from the writers of Scream and has the same blend of laughs and scares but with a sci-fi tinge this time around. Good performances from Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood, Clea Duvall and Jordana Brewster, all looking very fresh faced.

The Lady From Shanghai Fri 4/5 Film4 @ 11.00


Film noir heaven from director Orson Welles. Rita Hayward is stunning as a woman using her wiles to entice a man into a scam involving her husband. A convoluted Hitchcockian tale but at the same time immensely watchable. Hayward is great and the camera loves her. Welles himself is perfect as the male lead too. Super stuff with a memorable climax thats been imitated in so many films that it will ring a bell the second you see it.

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