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7 films worth watching on Freeview TV this week

Little Miss Sunshine Sat 22/4 W @ 21.00


A delight of a film about a troubled family driving across America so their daughter can take part in one of those godawfully creepy American child beauty pageants. Cracking cast in this with the adorable Abigail Breslin in the lead and Toni Collette on fire as her mother. Both Alan Arkin (brilliant fun) & Steve Carell (playing very much against type) steal the film though. You'll laugh and cry at this one.

The Sessions Sun 23/4 Ch4 @ Midnight

A man trapped in an iron lung feels he is missing out on living to his fullest so hires a therapist to help him out with one of life's important rites of passage. Superb brave performances from Helen Hunt & John Hawkes carry a very affecting story. This is about a side of life with disability that most of us thankfully never have to think about. Frank, uplifting and upsetting but you'll be glad you watched it.

The Wicker Man Mon 24/4 The Horror Channel @ 23.20


A police sergeant searching for a missing girl on a Scottish Island finds himself caught up in something very unexpected. A proper cult classic here that deserves every bit of praise it gets. Not a horror film exactly but it's so atmospheric and haunting in places that no one would argue it. Edward Woodward is fantastic as the sergeant. This is a film that will stay in your head for days afterwards.

Mildred Pierce Tues 25/4 TCM @09.25


A true classic from the golden age of Hollywood. A film about a recently divorced woman and her complicated relationship with her daughter. A gorgeous looking film with a mighty performance from Joan Crawford in the title role. Made in 1945 and still topical in places, this is bleak, powerful, and stunning stuff that will have you rushing to netflix or wherever looking for similar films from that era.

Starred Up Wed 26/4 Film4 @ 23.20


A young man finds himself bumped up to an adult prison when he becomes too much to handle in his youth detention centre. A cracking film with a career making performance from Jack O'Connell as an initially vicious little fecker who you come to empathise with as he lays his demons bare. Dark and intense but peppered with a touch of humour, this is really worth a watch as long as barrages of 4 letter words don't bother you.

The China Syndrome Thurs 27/4 Film4 @ 12.35


Jane Fonda leads an all star cast in this 70's set tale of a near catastrophic failure in a nuclear plant and the reporter who wants to get the information about it out to the wider world. Yet another 70's thriller full of post Vietnam & Watergate paranoia which has always made for good cinema. Fonda and Jack Lemmon are excellent in this thought provoking and chilling little drama.

Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Fri 28/4 TCM @ 23.10


A stark and dusty Sam Peckinpah masterpiece about a man chancing his arm to make a bit of money and finding himself in a very bad place while doing so. A grim, blackly funny film that will probably offend some of ye and just disturb the rest. Not a film for the optimists as it really shows up the darker side of human nature. Warren Oates is superb in the lead role and its an awful shame he died a few years after its release.

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