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7 Films on Freeview TV for the week ahead


Sat 8/4 Ch4 @ 22.45

A brilliant and bloody adaption of the cult British comic strip and one thats a million miles for the homogenous family goodness of the recent Marvel comic book films. Judge Dredd and his new rookie have to take down a gang who have taken over a huge block of flats. Chaos ensues. Karl Urban plays Dredd in a perfectly grumpy & deadpan fashion & Lena Heady is good fun as his nemesis. Great gory fun. Don't watch if you are any way wimpy.

Goldfinger Sun 9/4 ITV @ 13.45

The quintessential Bond film. This one sees the 007 agent taking on a gold crazed megalomaniac who plans to destroy America's gold reserve. A perfect distillation of everything you think of when you think of a classic Bond movie. The car, the gadgets, the Girl ( one of the best, Honor Blackman rocks it as Pussy Galore ), the unique henchman, the lasers and of course the song. Sean Connery is, as always a perfectly suave killer.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Mon 10/4 Film4 @ 23.35

A lovely little oddity right here. An Iranian horror film with a slight whiff of a western about a lonely female vampire who stakes the men of her desolate town. There's not much going on storywise in this film but its a fantastic exercise in style and atmosphere. Definitely worth watching if only to broaden your cinematic horizons. A beautiful looking film too.

Song Of The Sea Tues 11/4 Film4 @ 14.45

An Irish animated masterpiece right here. Imagine a Studio Ghibli film shot through with a huge dose of celtic mysticism. A brother and his little sister set off on a quest when sis falls ill. An enchanting, magical and in places heartbreaking exploration of grief and love that will make you cry, laugh and drop your jaw with awe in places. Watch on Film4 HD if you have it. It's just gorgeous looking.

What's Up, Doc? Wed 12/4 TCM @ 19.10

Usually i'd run a mile from any Barbara Streisand film but this one is an utter hoot. Set in San Francisco this is a proper old fashioned screwball comedy all set in motion by a luggage mix up. It feels like an old 30's comedy and that is high praise. The cast is led by Ryan O'Neal and Streisand and both are in top form, funny and charming and just fun. Record this one for when you have a crap day & need something to cheer yourself up.

Black Swan Thurs 13/4 Ch4 @ 01.05

Darren Aronofsky's blackly funny and utterly terrifying tale of obsession and jealousy in the world of ballet. Natalie Portman plays a career best role as a Ballerina who's success is threatened when a younger Ballerina played by Mila Kunis appears on the scene. The perfect film to watch when you want to break your brain and feel squeamish, uncomfortable, nauseous and disorientated all at once. Magnificent stuff.

Strange Days Fri 14/4 Syfy @ 23.00

The 2nd Kathryn Bigelow film on the list this week. Set in a future on the verge of going wrong, this is a fast moving and brutal tale of virtual reality and police corruption in Los Angeles. It's 22 years old this year and aspects of it still feel very topical today. Ralph Fiennes leads the cast but Angela Bassett steals the film with a brilliantly tough performance. Scary, relentless and pulse pounding stuff.

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