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7 Films worth watching on Freeview TV this week

Dead Man's Shoes 25/3 Film4 @ 23.05

A man returns to his hometown to get revenge on the people who tormented his brother. Yes yes i know it sounds cliched as hell but this is a magnificent little film. It's like if Emmerdale was crossed with a slasher film and covered with a dollop of very black humour and some horribly realistic carnage. Paddy Considine is just immense in this tense, nauseating, gripping and funny (in places) film.

Bend Of The River 26/3 ITV4 @ 13.10

Yet another James Stewart starring/Anthony Mann directed film makes the list and guess what, it's another excellent one. The oft told tale of simple homesteaders being harrassed by landowners but kept fresh by great acting, action and scenery. Plus it's always fun to see someone with a screen persona like Stewart play someone ruthless. Looks lovely in technicolor too. A perfect rainy Sunday afternoon film.

Tigerland 27/3 TG4 @21.30

A young infantry recruit training for Vietnam in 1971 Louisiana tries to fight back against the system but the system is having none of it. The film that made Colin Farrell a star. He's just magnetic in the role of the rebellious Boz and IMO no film since has used his potential as much as this one did.. A funny, sad & tense film with a glorious evocation of 70's America. Watch out for Michael Shannon in a early role.

Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead 29/3 TCM @ 22.50

One of the MANY Tarantino inspired films of the 1990's and one of the best. Andy Garcia leads a great cast in the story of a motley crew of criminals who find themselves in a spot of bother after a job goes wrong ( shocker huh?). Great fun in a dark and nasty way and full of ridiculously quotable dialogue. Plus it contains the all time scariest Christopher Walken performance and that is really saying something.

Sightseers 30/3 Film4 @ 23.00

A meek couple goes on a caravan holiday around the north of England. Sounds deathly boring right? Well it's not. Quite the opposite. It's deliciously dark and hilarious. Like Badlands crossed with This Is England. The leads are played by Alice Lowe & Steve Oram who i didn't know of before but they left a serious impression. Super use of some 80's power ballads too. Oh btw, not for the squeamish.

The Last Of The Mohicans 30/3 Sony Movie Channel @ 21.00

This 1992 version of the classic James Fenimore Cooper tale of the French Indian conflict on the 18th century is the definitive film version and director Michael Mann's masterpiece IMO. Daniel Day Lewis rocks it in hero mode and Wes Studi puts in a career best performance as the villain of the piece. The last 10 minutes of this is pure cinematic action nirvana and i'm jealous of anyone who hasn't seen it.

Drag Me To Hell 31/3 Syfy @ 23.10

Sam Raimi's hilariously gooey and crunchy tale of a young woman's mistake and her efforts to fix that mistake. Alison Lohman is great fun in the lead role and certainly earns her pay as she gets thrown around the screen like the coyote in the old Roadrunner cartoons. This is the perfect horror film for people who claim not to like horror. It's brilliantly funny and you'll snort laughing as much as you roar at the screen.

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