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7 Films To Watch On TV This Week

We're launching a new weekly series of articles picking out the film highlights appearing on free-to-air terrestrial channels in the UK over the next seven days...

True Grit Sat 18/3 BBC2 @ 22.45

A young woman hires a briary old U.S. marshal to hunt the men who killed her father. The Coen Brother's fierce entertaining remake of the classic John Wayne western is a rare beast - a remake that surpasses the original imo. A funny, quirky and in places quite touching, film. The cast is top notch too with Hailee Steinfeld superb in her debut acting role but the film belongs to Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. He's just great.

The Tree Of Life Sat 18/3 RTE1 @ 23.55


A man ponders his life and the meaning of existence in this haunting, beautiful and absolutely magnificent film directed by Terrence Malick. A very unique movie that sadly some people might find a bit up its own arse but if you can sit with it and give it your full attention i think you'll fall in love with it. Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain and Sean Penn all give career best performances in it.

J.Edgar Mon 20/3 TG4 @21.30


Leonardo DiCaprio headlines this film from Clint Eastwood as J. Edgar Hoover, the man who was director of the FBI who nearly half a century. A fascinating and fantastically acted film about a deeply flawed and complex man. DiCaprio is great and Judi Dench as J.Edgar's mam is vile, a big change from her usual performances.

Boyhood Tues 21/3 Film4 @21.00


A film 10 years in the making, charting the course of a young mans life from 8 to 18. Simply put, its a magical experience to see people growing and aging in real life in front of your eyes. It's short on story but that's not the point at all. It's a snapshot of a decade on the life of a young man and its just amazing to watch. Ellar Coltrane is fine in his debut role but Patricia Arquette owns the film with a stunningly human turn as his mam.

The Mutiny On The Bounty Wed 22/3 TCM @08.50


The earliest ( another earlier version is considered lost) and in my opinion best version of the famous seafaring tale of mutiny aboard a British ship during a long voyage home. An exciting, grim, absorbing and epic film with 2 great performances from Charles Laughton & Clark Gable as Captain Bligh & Fletcher Christian respectively. Record this one for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

What Richard Did Thurs 23/3 Film4 @00.40


My favourite Irish film of this century. It's a story leading up to and the aftermath of a night out in Dublin that goes very very wrong. It's a story of how privilege will ruin you and still protect you. An excellently acted film about a part of Irish society that we rarely see in film. Jack Reynor is great in the title role and is surrounded by a cracking supporting cast of fresh faces we'll be seeing more and more of.

The Outlaw Josey Wales Fri 24/3 Dave @21.00


A man loses his family & while out for revenge ends up with another family. My favourite western of all time. It's pretty much perfect. Epic in sweep, full of action & understated humour, immensely quotable (fave line - "I was prouder than a game rooster to have ridden with ye Josey", ah man i love it) and just full of great acting. Clint rocks it and John Vernon & Sam Bottoms are at their best. Give it a go. It's poetry.

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